Lot of (12) Fairy Tale Rubber Duck Ducky Party Favors

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Pack includes 12 Fairy Tale Duckies in assorted styles: knight, dragon, horse, king, fairy godmother and prince. 2 ?Duckies do not float upright.

  • An adorable set of 12 bright & colorful Fairy Tale Rubber Duckies.
  • Includes two queens
  • kings
  • knights
  • dragons
  • white horses and fairy godmothers.
  • Wonderful for bedtime stories and great fun for the pool or bathtub!

How To Tack Up A Horse - Western Style

My horse Link was 2 in this video, but I wasn't ridding him hard at all when he was 2 (just basic work with my trainer and vet), I NEVER RODE HIM AFTER THIS VIDEO I only tacked him up as more training exercises for sacking him out. I did have my vet evaluate him before I even started to start him, he said that link was mature enough to begin light training but I never started riding him for more than 15 min until he was 3. Once I had been ridding him for more than 15 min I did have my vet out every other month to evaluate him and give a physical checkup to insure that his joints/bones/mussels were maturing correctly. Although I greatly appreciate the concern for him being ridden at a young age, I would like to point out that he is now 4 almost 5 and amazing, he's never had a single joint/mussel/bone problem EVER... have a blessed day ­čÖé
Email me with questions ­čÖé bustacap14@yahoo.com