Lineba 500 Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater Auto Thermostat Fish Tank Heater with Protective Sleeve and Digital Temperature Readout (500 watt)

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Lineba 500 watt Submersible Aquarium Heater Auto Thermostat Fish Tank Heater with Protective Sleeve and Digital Temperature Readout

Easy to Install and Use
Lineba aquarium heater offers simple and easy installation with the use of the included suction cups and is compatible with aquariums up to 53-93 gallons.

Super Shatterproof 2.0 mm Thickness Quartz Glass
With Maximum strength Quartz Silica Tube, Lineba tank heater is shatter resistant & more durable than conventional tank heaters.

Durable Plastic Outer Sleeve
There is a durable thick plastic outer housing wrapping up the glass tube.
Acting as a buffer between your fish and the tank heater with Non-conductive plastic outer sleeve so fish/turtle/plants can't be burnt.

Suction Cups
The suction cups can hold Lineba tank heater vertical or horizontal under the water stablely.

Wide Compatibility
Lineba aquarium heater is compatible for both Fresh Water and Marine Water aquariums, aquaculture, terrariums & hydroponic systems!

Diameter: Glass tube 2.6cm. Plastic housing 3.3cm.
Cable length:150cm
Water Volume: 53-93 gallons (200-350 liters)
Power: 500W
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60HZ
Adjustable temperature: 68°F~94°F (20°C~34°C).

Operation instruction:
The tank heater should be immersed into water completely; Do not plug up the fish tank heater until it's immersed in water completely. When the water is not enough, the tank heater reads E1, and need to add more water. It takes about 15 minutes to get used to the water temperature. Then adjust and set the desired temperature value. It starts to work if the actual temperature value is lower than the settled value, unless it doesn't work.

Should you need any further assistance about how to use the heater, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.

  • FULLY SUBMERSIBLE AQUARIUM HEATER --- 500W 110V Strong Quartz Glass Digital Aquarium Fish Tank Heater, Suitable for aquariums range from 53 to 93 gallons (200-350 liters). Includes 150cm cable for easy use
  • TEMPERATURE SCALE --- Compact underwater analog fish tank heater can be adjusted between 68°F~94°F (20°C~34°C); Maintain constant and stable temperatures for your aquatic creatures
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF SHATTERPROOF SHIELD-PROOF DESIGN --- Thanks to its high quality Quartz Glass material and its Protective Sleeve, Lineba aquarium heater is shatter resistant & more durable than conventional glass heaters
  • PROVIDES ACCURATE THERMAL CONTROL --- Set and adjust the desired temperature via the External Thermostat of the tank heater. LED digital temperature display of Lineba tank heater makes it easy to adjust and read water temperature
  • SAFETY PROTECTION--- Built-in intelligent temperature chip control circuit; this tank heater can automatically control the temperature. It will automatically turn off as the temperature rises above the internal setting you choose, and turns back on like a clockwork once it sufficientlly cools down(Due to some unpredictable external factors; it's normal that the temperature difference is ± 3°C / ±6°F)