Koi – 8 Live Koi Fish for Pond, Fish Tank or Aquarium | Lot of 8 Standard Fin Grade A Quality Koi (5-6 inch)

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Quality Koi fish from top domestic and Japanese breeders delivered to your door! These beautiful living jewels can easily reach 24” in length and are available in several varieties. Nishikigoi, commonly known as Koi, are ornamental carp commonly kept in outdoor ponds and water gardens. In addition to a variety of patterns and colors, Koi are also available in standard fin or butterfly fin varieties. Please note that the fish pictured are random photos of our fish and not the exact fish you will receive. All orders will be shipped via FedEx Overnight.

Here are some fun koi fish facts. Enjoy!


Contrary to popular belief, the koi fish is thought to have originated in China. The fish were later used as a food source before the Japanese began breeding them for their aesthetic appeal in the mid-1800s.


Koi fish are very intellectual. Like a dog or a cat, they can be trained to eat out of your hand and sometimes even out of your mouth. Koi fish are omnivores and are known to munch on pond plants.


Koi fish can grow up to three feet long if raised in the ideal conditions. They can become sunburned if a pond is too shallow and has little shade. Koi fish don’t have teeth. Females are larger than males.


In the mating process, koi fish eat their young, recently-hatched offspring called koi fry. Koi fish need to be removed from the fry during the mating session to preserve the fry.

If a breeder raises a highly sought after koi, it can sell for thousands of dollars. 0,000 is not unheard of for a prized koi fish. 


  • ✔ GREAT VARIETY - From Chalily you get 8 Live Koi Fish for your Pond or Aquarium. These Koi are 5-6" in size, delivered overnight from Tuesday through Friday.
  • ✔ COLORFUL - Our "A" grade mixed box will contain a varied and colorful assortment of fish representing many of the Japanese varieties. Perfect for pond owners looking for the best value.
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  • ✔ GUARANTEED - Ships in an insulated box with the utmost care. We only use One-Day delivery through UPS or Fedex, minimizing transit time as much as possible. Live Arrival Guaranteed.
  • ✔ HEALTHY FISH - Acclimation guide by Chalily