Jolly Pets 6-Inch Tug-n-Toss, Red

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Tug-n-Toss Ballas are a great interactive toy-the handle makes them easy to retrieve. Tug-n-Toss Balls float , bounce and can be puctured without deflating. Made of non-toxic Polyethylene safe for pet and owner

  • 6" Size perfect for medium dog
  • Bounces and Floats
  • Can be punctured without deflating
  • Handle makes for easy fetch and retrieve

Jolly Ball Horse

Jolly Ball horse is going crazy on this pink horse toy. This is like the Kong dog toys for horse. They make all kinds of toys for pets and even horses. Horses either love these Jolly Balls or not look at them twice. Companies claim make indestructible dog toys but what about horses? This Jolly Ball takes plenty of abuse from this 1000 lbs. muscle bound thoroughbred race horse.

Jolly Pets make the very popular Jolly Ball for dogs and a Jolly Ball for horses. You can check them out at . Fell free to share this video on your website. My bulldog likes the Kong dog toys, but loves the large Jolly Ball when my horse kicks it over the fence. These two don't get along, but do share the love for Jolly Balls.

"Conan" usually doesn't let you see him play with his Jolly Ball because he is too cool for school, but today when I walked out of the house, he was completely vertical to the point where I though he was going to flip over. I watched him a bit and decided to try and get the camera before he had enough. He kept on going with his Jolly Ball and I got some good moves on record. I hope I can get clearer and crazier shots the next time I catch him playing with his Jolly Pets Jolly Ball.