Guppy Designer’s Guide to Red Guppies (Guppy Designer Guide to Guppy Color Strains Book 4)

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This ebook is focused on one of the most popular guppy colors, red. The guide is part of a series that classify the major color strains of the guppy and provide pictures, history, descriptions and the genetics of individual strains.

The increasing accuracy of the guide in terms of its description of the strains and their genetics reflects my own creation of many of the strains through crossings. The guides cover strains from across the globe, from Canada to Thailand, from the U.S. to Italy. In many cases the history of the strains have been given, their description, their genetics. There are many expert breeders tips and observations.

The guide is a handy reference when you are trying to figure out the genetics of a strain seen in your tanks or online. It is also a guppy designer's guide since crosses between strains are represented, as well as the variations of established strains, like Metal Pingus or new strains like the Blond See-thrus. If you are wondering what a cross to a magenta guppy will do to the appearance of your strain, very likely a picture and description of the cross can be found in one the book's in the series. There is simply no other reference source in the hobby so thorough and so accurate in its presentation of the major strains that the guppy's mutations have produced.