Global Star® Gs-A(fb)60x5wleds Daisy Chain function Powerful Dimmable 300W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Grow Light with Crystal Lens Full Spectrum Fishtank Reef Coral Lps/sps

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Full Spectrum Cynthia 60*5W LED Aquarium Light with Lens for each led.

1)Switch-1(30 LEDs): 18xBlue(470),8XRoyal Blue(450),2 xRed(660), 2 xGreen(525)

2)Switch-2(30 LEDs): 12XWhite(13000K),4XWhite(6000K),4XWhite(4000K),8 xBlue(470), 2 xBlue(450)

3) Two power cords and two on/off switches to control Mixture Full Spectrum separately Output Optimized for PAR, Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration PAR of the light is: 38PAR for Lens can output more PAR Value

LED Output Power: 60pcs*5watt

Dimension: 15.8'' x 8.4'' x 2.6''

Input voltage: AC85V-265V

Lifespan: 50000hours

Package includes:

60X5w led aquarium light

2X Power cord

1XSteel hanging kit

Recommendation (Hanging 12″-16'' Above water): One 60X5W aquarium light is suitable for a 24″*24″tank.

How many 60X5W aquarium lights do I need for my tank?

One 60X5W aquarium light can cover 24″*24″ tank and it is suitable for one 80US GAL/60UK GAL tank. You can count how many lights you need to buy according to this information.

Do I have to choose Lens? What is the degree of your Lens?

90 degree Secondary Optical Lens will focus stronger lights into your tank. Especially good for depth ≥24" tank.

What is the difference between 3W and 5W?

(1)We use 5watt LED chips.It is more brighter than 3W,It can produce more Par Value.

(2) To ensure its long life span, we drive this light with 490-550mA safe current,The best Par Value Current.

(3) Extra Watt is drived by higher current mean less in growing Coral Reef since PAR value won't increase too much.

(4)We use Intelligent temperature control system Powersupply.When temperature is higher,the current will be low.

  • 1)Delivery: About 6 working days.Unique Crystal LENS Cynthia 60X5W) Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light can work looks like sunrise and sunset,it can meet different Grow Stages of the Fish Tank,Coral and Reef
  • 2)Much Better than 55*3W Aqurium Light.Best Length for your tank,Beauty Design 90Degree Second Crystal Lens strong LUX
  • 3)Get Hanger for free.Daisy Chain function, two switches and plugs
  • 4)Very ideal for aquatic habitat, aquatic ecosystems and marine organisms
  • 5)Our Aquarim Light operates on a simple "plug-and-play" system, requiring no other accessories. The LED panel can be hung above the tank directly with no scorching at all. The hanging kit is securely designed to keep aquatic plants and animals safe and content in their marine habitat.