FurReal Friends Walkin Puppies Biscuit Toy Plush

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FurReal Friends Walkin Puppies Biscuit

FurReal Friends brings you pretend pet play with plush animatronic pets that children love. The variety of features that our different pets display can make you want to snuggle, play, and laugh out loud! Walkin' Puppies Biscuit pet is a new FurReal Friends plush puppy that really walks, has poseable front legs, and makes adorable puppy sounds.

Sweet Golden Retriever Plush Pup Walks
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She Really Walks

Meet Walkin' Puppies Biscuit, an adorable FurReal Friends Walkin' Puppies plush golden retriever that walks, like a real puppy. Just pet her back and watch her go. She will respond to your touch and walk toward you. When she walks straight into your arms, making her sweet, adorable puppy sounds, you'll be able to see how much Walkin' Puppies Biscuit loves you. Take Walkin’ Puppies Biscuit with you on the go for tons of fun.

Walking Golden Retriever Pet Makes Adorable Puppy Sounds

Adorable Puppy Sounds

This FurReal Friends Walkin' Puppies Biscuit pet will melt your heart with her cute walk and adorable puppy sounds. When you pet her back, she'll make sweet puppy sounds as she happily walks across the floor to you. Walkin’ Puppies Biscuit has front legs that are poseable, so you can play with her in all sorts of ways. Her head is poseable too, so you can even turn it to make her look at you.

Soft and Cuddly Fur

So Soft and Cuddly

Once you hold and pet this FurReal Friends Walkin' Puppies Biscuit plush pup with her soft and cuddly fur, you might want to hold her forever. You'll fall in love with Walkin' Puppies Biscuit puppy and she’ll love you back.


Walkin' Puppies Biscuit plush pet and pet care guide

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  1. Pet my back and I'll walk to you
  2. Pet my back and I make adorable puppy sounds
  3. You'll want to hold me forever
  4. Move my front legs so we can play and snuggle
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  • Cute, electronic puppy toy walks in a circle and comes back to you
  • Toy barks and makes puppy sounds when you pet her back
  • Puppy toy gives you her paw
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Pet comes with instructions