Fish Bubble – Deluxe Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

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Introducing Fish Bubbles! These hip and trendy fish tanks can be hung virtually anywhere! They require no pump or filtration! You can decorate your Fish Bubble with any aquarium accessories and keep goldfish, bettas, African Dwarf frogs or any other "easy-to-maintain" freshwater fish in a cool happy home on a wall! Buy 3 or 4 tanks and you can create wall patterns and amazing conversation pieces in your home or office.

Fish Bubbles include a predrilled aquarium ready to hang.

  • Exclusively sold by Vandue - BUY 3 GET ONE FREE!
  • Comes in foam padded case
  • The Original Fish Bubble - beware of competitors using cheaper, thinner materials
  • Marine grade acrylic
  • Safely houses your betta fish!