Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal Carrier Outdoor Short Trip Travel Vet Visit

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Product Details and Features:
Brand Name: Favorite
Color: Blue & White
Dimension: 18.5 L X 12 W X 11 H, bottom is 13 L X 6 W, top load is 12.5 L X 6 W
Recommendation: Small dog, puppy, kitten, cat, ferret, guinea pig, small bunny, gecko, mouse, rat, hamster, chinchilla, squirrel, hedgehog

Favorite lightweight pet carrier owns a clear top and plenty of air flow to support much activities.Being an ideal pet supply, people can take it anywhere, for instance, a vet visit, friend/family residences visit, temporary housing while cleaning cage and quick/short trip. Its cute shape and smooth curve line are attractive and elegant. Especially a short distance, this portable provisional pet cage works well enough to satisfy sorts of needs. There are enough space bedding, resting and taking a nap. Furthermore, frictionless inner will not worry that pet chewing or biting it.More convenience, more happiness, wish you share a delightful memory.

About us
Favorite is a giant retailer of pet supplies, devoting to improve pets daily lives. The professional pets design team, the best products materials, the most careful veterinarian and pets advisers with lots of people who love pets like you are working here and studying here, only for pets healthier and make you happier. For favorite, making favorite and creating favorite, may you and your pets be the favorite partners!

  • Top Load: Large opening brings easy access; transparent lid is convenient for looking after pet
  • Secure Construction: Sturdy plastic and four lockers create a safe environment for pet; before taking the handles, make sure the lock has clicked into the side and been snapped into place, then the carrier is stable and durable
  • Easy Assembly: Top rotatable button opens and closes the lid easily; simple design for easy clean; two handles is well-balanced and comfortable
  • Recommendable Ventilation: A lot of vents are tested for safety and health, pet can enjoy scenery and fresh safely
  • Suitable Size: 18.5 L X 12 W X 11 H, bottom is 13 L X 6 W, top load is 12.5 L X 6 W