EUPHOTICA Lite 16″ Dimmable Full Color Spectrum Saltwater LED Aquarium Coral Fish Tank Grow Light Fixture

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The Euphotica Lite is designed to suit every marine aquarist's lighting needs. Offering functions such as adjustable lighting channels, ultraviolet LED to promote color saturation, advance hanging kit, and many more... The Euphotica Lite is capable of bringing additional enjoyment out of your reef tank!

  • 55 Energy Efficient LEDs

    White: 8 Warm White, 6 Neutral White, 6 Cool White
    Blue: 20 Royal Blue (450nm), 7 Blue (470nm)
    Violet: 4 Violet/Indigo (420nm)
    Green: 2 Green (520nm)
    Red: 2 Red (660nm)

  • 2 Channels Digital Intensity Control

    Acclimating corals to the new LED light is made simple with its 2 channel adjustable lighting intensity.

  • Configurable 8,000K to 20,000K Color Temperature

    This unit offers adjustable color temperature ranging from 8,000K to 20,000K, helping you to achieve the look you are after. The combination of Royal Blue, Blue, and Violet LEDs is guaranteed to bring more viewing pleasure to your tank.

  • Full Spectrum from Violet (420nm) to Red (660nm)

    A Full Light Spectrum ranging from Violet (420nm) to Red (660nm) makes sure that none of the colors in your tank are neglected. 90 Degree Optic Lenses are used for maximizing coverage while Optimizing PAR Output.

  • Easy Adjustable Hanging Kit

    The Hanging Solution Kit included is made up of a unique lock assembly for secure mounting of the unit. Height Adjustment gives you more room while working with your tank and the Adjustable Tilt Angle makes sure the unit is properly positioned over your aquaria.

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  • 55 LEDs Total 120W Maximum Output; 2 Channel Intensity Control.
  • Configurable 8,000K to 20,000K Color Temperature; Full Spectrum from Violet (420nm) to Red (660nm) with 90 Degree Optic Lenses.
  • Advanced Hanging Kit.
  • Max Coverage Area: 28" by 28" (71cm x 71cm). Unit Dimension: 15-3/4" W x 2-9/16" H x 8-7/8" D (40cm x 6.5cm x 22.5cm); Unit Weight: 7lbs.
  • Product Contents: One Light Unit, two Power Cords, one Hanging Kit (Two Carabiner Hooks and two Hanging Cables), and Instruction Manual.