Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Fast Results Pet Training Package, Large

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Nature's Training Approach Now In a Collar!

Guaranteed Results For Any Dog Breed or Size

Patented Command Collar Action Works Like a Mother Dog – So why use anything else?

Mother dogs instinctively know how to train their pups. A simple nip on the back of their pup’s neck gets their attention so they understand it’s time to do what mama dog wants. Now with Don Sullivan’s Command Collar you can use this technique too!

Easy as 1-2-3 – A Simple Tug Is All It Takes

The Command Collar design uses a controlled “flex” action so the links “grip” your dog’s fur much like a mother dog's nuzzling bite. Just pull your training lead/leash to create the firm but gentle effect. The built-in safety loop prevents choking while the grip gets your dog’s attention so it responds to your corrective command without electric shock, noise, or sprays.

Guaranteed Results – No More Aggressive Leash Pulling, Unwanted Barking, Biting & Lunging and More

Perfect for virtually any breed and dogs of all ages. Command Collar training makes a real difference the very first time you try it. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have used the Command Collar product worldwide to fix the problems that drove them crazy.

Products and Training Techniques Designed for All Types

Don Sullivan has spent years developing and perfecting his training products. All can deliver remarkable results. Each is tailored for people that may need different levels of training. Take a minute to review the chart below to learn the available options that may be best suited for your particular needs. Regardless of what you choose know that the dog you want is just a few lessons away.

Two Different Sizes to Fit Any Size Dog

Fitting Your Dog is Super Simple
  • Small Size – Min./Max. Neck Diameter - 5.5 to 18.5 inches
  • Small is suitable for puppies, tiny, small, and medium size breeds including Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Terrier, Toy Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, Beagle and larger breed puppies.
  • Large Size – Min./Max Neck Diameter – 7 to 24 inches
  • Large is suitable for large to extra large breeds including Irish Setter, Labrador, Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Great Dane.
  • Works humanely without electric shock or excessive choking.

Finally A Product That Works

The DVDs show you everything you need to get the results you and your dog deserve. Entertaining and educational, there's even a section that shows you how simple it is to fit your dog with the collar. This proven step-by-step approach also explains why so many people give Perfect Dog training 4 and 5 star reviews. So whether it's saying goodbye to chronic barking, ending the constant leash pulling during walks, or simply being able to take your dog outside near the neighbors without fear, we know that a little time spent on Perfect Dog training can transform even the world's worst dog. In fact, you never know but even your dog might turn into a perfect pooch that anyone would want to own!

3 Different Packages Offer Good / Better / Best Value and Savings
As seen on TV value
Better Value - fast results
Best Value - Max Results
"The Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog" 2-DVD Set - Over 5 Hours of Training

Command Collar - Large or Small

Extra Easy Fit Links-4 qty.

Lightweight & Water Resistant Training Leads & Vinyl Storage Bag - 3 Different Lengths

Perfect Dog Companion Manual

Fun Fetch Ball - X' Length with Rubber Ball

Training Gloves (one size fits all Large) - 100% Leather for Grip and Strength

Field Training Cards - Laminated with Belt Clip

  • The Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog DVDs
  • Command Collar device with extra links
  • A set of light weight Freedom Line training leads
  • Proprietary fetch ball that helps teach and reinforce key commands like come, sit and stay
  • A pair of 100% leather gloves to add strength to your grip and protect your hands

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