Cell Glove Heated Outdoor Cat House (Waterproof)

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The Cell Glove Outdoor Cat House is built to high quality standards and will live up to your expectations.

The cat house is water and weather proof ensuring that your feline friends are kept safely and comfortably in any weather condition.

  • • Cell Glove's Heated Outdoor Cat House makes sure that your feline friends are kept warm and cozy in outdoor conditions.
  • • The heated pad has been tested and proven to warm up cats. The 20 watt heated pad is safe to use.
  • • Waterproof! The oleophobic coating on the outside makes sure that water and other liquids stay off of the roof and side walls keeping the house water free. The mixture of polyester and cloth insulation keeps the warmth inside while the cold stay out!
  • • The house comes with two exits. Both can be closed with a clear door flaps that can be removed anytime
  • • We provide our Cell Glove guarantee that any product you buy from us will live up to your expectations.