CatGenie 120 SaniSolution SmartCartridge, Fresh Scent

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Fresh Scent Cartridge exclusively for cat-safe, hygienic cleaning of the CatGenie 120 self-washing cat box (1 Cartridge good for 120 Cleanings or 240 Cleanings when you CatGenie 120 is on Cat Activation). The 120 Cartridge only works in the CatGenie 120 Model. The 120 Cartridge (clear) will NOT work in the original CatGenie, which only uses the 60 Cartridge (green) The 60 Cartridge will NOT work in the CatGenie 120.

  • Keep your CatGenie 120 running properly
  • Same ingredients used by veterinarians to sterilize their exam rooms
  • Lasts for up to 240 washings
  • Alerts you when SaniSolution is low
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Item is Non Returnable due to Hazmat properties

How to refill a Cat Genie Smart Cartridge

Learn how to refill a Cat Genie SaniSolution Smart Cartridge with new solution. These cartridges are used with the Cat Genie self cleaning, self washing cat litter boxes and can be reset using the Reset Genie. Reusing your cartridges not only saves you money but is better for the environment. The Reset Genie resets your cartridges for another 60 cycles.
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