Jebao 2017 new DCP pumps give you enhanced performance and precise control of flow through your aquarium's reactors, sump, or closed loop system. With complete control through the DCP Controller, you can control the flow of the pump, enter feed...

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Homasy Submersible Water Pump for Water Fountains, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Ponds, Hydroponics (60W, 920GPH) Create Water Currents Add some circulation to your tank and give your lovely fish a perfect living environment. This submersible waterpump...

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The Pondmaster 02710 Mag-Drive Pump is a magnetically driven centrifugal water pump. It has no seals to wear and contains no oil. This pump can be used submerged or inline and all electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy. The energy used is...

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The Penn Plax Tidal Pool Aqua Terrium revolutionizes the fish aquarium. Years of research and development have gone into creating this innovative, biological aquatic ecosystem. The multi-level pool and aquarium design provides a truly unique...

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The Koralia Wavemaker 4-Way Controller System is a low voltage controller excusively designed for Koralia 12V pumps. (Up to 4 pumps, same or different models) This system is ideal for creating beneficial wave and tide effects in marine aquariums....

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The Vepotek PP series pumps is designed with high power energy saving technology, with its flow rate up to 1400gph (PP6KB) and 2000gph(PP7KU), the PP6KU has only 30watts power consumption and PP8KU use 70 watts power of power. The Vepoktek PP...

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Nano Stream 6045 features a mechanical flow adjustment. For aquariums from 40 to 500 liters (10 to 135 US gal.).Flow rate: 1,500 to about 4,500l/h (400 to 1,175 US gal./h). Energy consumption: 5 to 7W (115V/60Hz).Cable length: 2m (6.7...

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Every waterfall or spillway needs a dependable, efficient and hardworking pump like the aquanique 5000 GPH Waterfall Pump. This pump is ideal for waterfalls up to 15 feet in height and is designed to be energy efficient with a strong,...

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The Koralia Reef kit combines everything you need to recreate the natural currents that promote a healthy aquarium. The Smartwave Controller has two different water movement settings (alternate or synchronous) that you can run by choosing your...

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