This 1300 gph wave maker. It will fit all aquarium fish tanks up to 200 Gallons. This dynamic and fully submersible wave maker comes with suction cups and ball joint, which provide 360° rotations to expand water circulation movement for your...

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Circulation pump for freshwater and marine aquariums. Designed for use with timers and wavemaker systems. Includes magnet-suction cup mounting system for free positioning in aqaurium. Magnet-suction cup support for free positioning in...

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Energy-efficient Maxi-Jet Pumps are very durable. With a sealed casing and superior internal design, it ensures that they won't overheat when ran dry, unlike most other pumps. They feature 3-suction cup mounting to ensure that the pump is stable...

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Pet Magasin Guarantee - 2 years warranty + 100% money back guarantee Double outlet, 5.4 Liter / minute - Capable of fulfilling aquarium air pumping for 10 20 30 55 gallons of aquarium tank when plugged in both outlets; Capable of fulfilling...

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Aqueon Circulation Pumps simulates natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water. Aqueon Circulation Pumps were developed to simulate natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water. They are available in...

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These submersible water pumps are great for everything from fountains to hydroponic systems. The pumps have an inside threaded fittings and the flow is non-adjustable. Powerful oil-free, rare earth rotor magnet. Ceramic shaft and bearing insures...

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Magnetic water pumps. Magnetic driven. Sealess pumps for use on fresh or saltwater aquariums. Low heat exchange and quiet in operation. Highly durable design. WMD pumps have American Made Motors. MD pumps have Japanese Made Motors. RLT pumps are...

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The redesigned RO controllable Direct Current "DC" water pumps are the latest in variable speed flow technology and allows for refined control, enhanced performance and efficiency. The vast majority of circulation pumps available to hobbyist are...

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The compact and manageable TUNZE recirculation pumps cover many application scenarios which are common in today's market, for example, the filtration in aquariums, indoor fountains, design of stream courses and cascades in model construction as...

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