AQUEON CIRCULATION PUMP 950 A/C Aqueon® Circulation Pumps simulates natural river and reef currents by continuously circulating water. Special Features: • Easy-lock suction cup makes installation adjustments and removal a snap •...

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The Cobalt original MJ multi-use submersible and external pump and power head is built to last under the harshest conditions. Ideal for protein skimmers, wave makers, calcium reactors, nano aquariums, under gravel filters, terrariums and...

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HOW TO CHOOSE A HYDROPONIC, AQUAPONIC, ALGAPONIC, AQUARIUM, POND OR FOUNTAIN PUMP First remember:  - "Maximum Flow Rate" is meaningless because it is at ZERO lift.  - "Maximum Head/Lift" is meaningless because the flow at that height is only a...

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Aqueon Submersible Pumps were developed and tested for over two years to deliver the most reliable, energy-efficient, and quiet submersible pump possible. For fresh or saltwater systems, these powerful units are ideal return pumps for under...

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How to use: Press the 'MODE' button to cycle through the selection of functions. H: High, constant, non-variable flow (1,000 gph) L: Low, constant, non-variable flow at a third of the speed (530 gph) W1: Short pulses which, when timed correctly...

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Energy-efficient Maxi-Jet Pumps are very durable. With a sealed casing and superior internal design, it ensures that they won't overheat when ran dry, unlike most other pumps. They feature 3-suction cup mounting to ensure that the pump is stable...

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These pumps are designed and built by a former chief engineer from Iwaki-Japan. They feature the same flow curves, high head pressure, low noise, and reliability that have made Iwaki the best magnetic drive pumps available. The BlueLine HD pumps...

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Pondmaster 2400 gallons per hour (gph) magnet drive pump with 19 feet maximum lift (head). Uses 240 watts of electricity. The inlet is 1 female national pipe thread (FNPT) and the outlet is 1" male national pipe thread (MNPT). The outlet also...

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Whisper air pumps provide reliable service at an economical cost. Efficient and easy-to-use, Whisper air pumps can handle the aeration needs of aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons. Tetra Whisper Air Pumps Help Keep Your Tank Quiet Tetra Whisper...

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