Air pump for aquariums from 3 up to 26 gallons volume. aPUMP is the smallest and the most silent pump in the world. Strong air pressure flow makes it possible to use it in aquariums with water level of up to 25 Inch and the noise level - less than...

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The Koralia Reef kit combines everything you need to recreate the natural currents that promote a healthy aquarium. The Smartwave Controller has two different water movement settings (alternate or synchronous) that you can run by choosing your...

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Specially designed Non-Return Valves will protect you air pump by preventing aquarium water from back siphoning during a power outage. Place these Air Pump Valves in your airline tubing between your air pump and aquarium water to prevent water...

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Danner prides itself on manufacturing high grade aquatic products for the most avid collectors. Using quality materials and a complex manufacturing process, nobody comes close to what Danner recreates in an aquatic environment. Highest quality...

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A new benchmark in controllable water pumps the reef octopus controllable direct current "dc" water pumps are the latest in variable speed flow technology and allows for refined control, enhanced performance and efficiency. The vast majority of...

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PG Pumps are high performance energy-efficient pumps. It is designed for Pond, Water Gardens, Fountains, Waterfalls, Hydroponic Systems, Irrigation Systems and Water Features. For use in either wet or dry installations and features Wet Rotor/Wet...

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The Ponds Air Stone is a great way to properly aerate a home aquarium. It creates a circle of bubbles that helps keep healthy fish and adds to the beauty of the aquarium. 40mm diameter aquarium fish tank ponds ceramic air stone diffusers it is...

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Fluval Spec I and II replacement water pump Replacement Water Pump designed for Fluval Spec I and...

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Tetra is the only brand name that's become synonymous with ornamental fish keeping, thanks to Dr. Ulrich Baensch. He founded Tetra Werke (Company) in Melle, Germany 50 years ago, and pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetra now...

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