Features:- Powered by a durable, oil-cooled electric motor- Engineered Resin Construction- Built-In Automatic Shut Off MechanismSpecifications: - Power Supply: 110V/60Hz/750W(1HP)- Cable lengh: 25ft- Q.Max: 3432gph (13000l/h)- H.Max: 26-1/4ft-...

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Premium 8" Cylinder Air Stone by Pawfly Premium quality mineral cylinder air stone provides exceptional results for Hydroponic growth.  A great way to properly aerate a home aquarium, help to keep fish healthy and add beauty to aquariums. Made of...

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The Smart Level is a versatile fully electronic water level controller designed by Hydor. Smart Level safely and easily handles your choice of aquarium or sump water level due to evaporation. Designed to be used in the many different conditions...

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Enjoy greater flow rate and extreme versatile positioning while minimizing bulky equipment. Circulation pump for freshwater and marine aquariums. Designed for use with timers and wavemaker systems. Fully submersible water pumps generate a wide and...

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This Active Aqua submersible pumps designed specifically for hydroponic systems. Powerful mag drive construction, removable foam filters and impellers, included indoor/outdoor use. Oil free/environmentally safe. 1-year warranty. Recommended for...

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Atlantic Water Gardens MD-Series magnetic induction pumps are the perfect choice for small water features and fountains with low head heights. These submersible pumps are heavy-duty and are equipped with removable pre-filters, oversize ceramic...

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The AquaClear 50 BioMax Filter Insert provides an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria growth. It works to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels in your tank, and it increases biological filtration efficiency by 30 percent.The AquaClear 50...

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Reeflo dart aquarium water pump is great combination of energy efficient motor, heavy duty silicon carbide seal, stainless steel fastener, durable UV resistant translucent PVC housing. Great for close loop reef systems requiring high turnover, the...

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"Our submersible pumps are quality products, designed using the very latest technological developments. The pumps are suitable for use in hydroponic systems, ponds, aquariums, fountains and filter systems. The pumps have been developed on the...

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