Catalina Aquarium CA-55 Adjustable Aquarium Pump Is Excellent For Small Aquariums, Fountains, And Waterfalls. Includes An Interchangeable Adapter For Smaller Hose. Low Energy Consumption. Quiet output. 93Gph. Power: 6 Watts. Dimensions: 2 1/4" X 1...

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Easy-lock suction cup makes installation adjustments and removal a snap Convenient cord-holding clips on both sides allow for positioning anywhere Energy-efficient motor and impeller increase water movement with less power UL Listed : 950 : 6.6" x...

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The dc 24V brushless pump is a high performance return pump,sine wave is the trend of aquarium water pump renewal. A cinch to install,THE dcw-2000 have a very small footprint, allowing them to fit into even smaller sumps and tight spaces . With an...

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This submersible pump is perfect for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems, etc. ★Samrt control, dry running automaticly cut power.(Principle:Dry running opreation will increase motor temperature, then the pump will automatically...

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Manufacturer direct selling,better professional support. For better product experience,please pay attention to the following contents Precautions 1.Upon the completion of the installation, switch on the power, then disconnect and subsequently...

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The latest DEP-4000 controllable DC pump is carefully inspected and tested to ensure both safety and operating performance. High performance motor with innovative electronics, and energy saving up to 65%. Low voltage 24 V DC electronic pump with...

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This air pump with 4 Outlets is super silent with multi-level muffler, low power consumption. Special artificial rubber to keep a steady air flow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely. 1 Year warranty. 6-Watts, 15 liters per minute....

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Coralife Super Skimmer NEW STYLE 220 Gallon Replacement Pump Impeller. This Impeller will NOT work with the older Super Skimmers that have the Rio pumps. It will only work with the Aqueon pumps in the NEW STYLE 220 Gallon Super Skimmer. Coralife...

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1, the barrel body surface engraved with the scale fish easier to add liquid to observe the trace of the situation. 2, Size: 10 * 10 * 16.5CM 3, Capacity: 1.5 Liters 4, 4mm transparent acrylic material, activities cover, with 2 quick...

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