Product Description  Welfare for your fish. Add highlights to the fountain. This submersible water pump can create water current, ideal for fish tank, aquariums, ponds, water gardens, desktop water fountains and hydroponic systems. Specifications...

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Blueline 30 HD-X External Aquarium Water Pump by Pan World.These pumps are designed and built by a...

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The hydor koralia evolution 600 pump replacement impeller (hydor part Xp2935). note: this impeller is for the evolution 600 pump, but the label on your pump may state it is the koralia pump evolut. 550. However, it will also say MAX 600 gph on the...

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The pump for the Marineland Eclipse 2 Aquarium. The impeller, impeller housing and pump mount assembly are not...

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With an adjustable venturi, the supreme hydroponic utility pump adds aeration into the nutrient rich water flow, stimulating root growth. This pump uses time proven magnetic drive technology and is energy efficient. It is capable of in-line or...

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Welcome to pond boss We specialize in the latest innovative and energy efficient water gardening products to help you create, maintain and enhance your own backyard pond, waterfall, or fountain feature. We take pride in providing you with durable,...

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PONICSPUMP 800 GPH SUBMERSIBLE PUMP DESIGNED FOR LONG SERVICE LIFE We designed this 800 Gallon Per Hour (GPH) pump to have a long service life by: • Using aluminum oxide ceramic shaft and bearings which have 3 times the hardness of stainless...

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The new and improved Rio Plus 600 Aqua Pumps and Powerheads provide a versatile water pump system designed with high efficiency and reliability at a lower cost. Designed with next generation magnetic-rotor technology and a new impeller with...

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EASY TO ACHIEVE THE MULTIPLE SEA WAVE The W-25 wavemaker moves water. Simple and strong. More than 2000 gallons per hour of it! Better yet, for the same amount of flow, the W-25 wavemaker is smaller, uses less power, and is quieter than the most...

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