The Commodity Axis ViaAqua 100 watt Titanium Heater incorporates the best technology and electrical components to date. The heating element is manufactured of pure titanium that will not crack like conventional glass heaters. Both the sensor and...

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HELPFUL TIPS YOU CAN USE RIGHT AWAY Whether you already have a reef aquarium or simply dream of starting one, the 107 tips in this book will save you time and money and give you the confidence to achieve the success you desire. Chapters include:...

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The AquaClear 50 BioMax Filter Insert provides an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria growth. It works to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels in your tank, and it increases biological filtration efficiency by 30 percent.The AquaClear 50...

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Aqueon brings a new stage of aquatic health and safety to the world. Producing quality products designed for your pets health and habitat, Aqueon rises above the standard and will continue to do so. Designed With Your Aquatic Pets Safety And...

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Perfecto Marine land fish aquarium with 2 Corner-Flo 125-gallon tank. A super-efficient overflow aquarium system that combines a custom Perfecto aquarium with Marine land's advanced water-flow technology. Perfect circulation and maximize water...

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Reeflo dart aquarium water pump is great combination of energy efficient motor, heavy duty silicon carbide seal, stainless steel fastener, durable UV resistant translucent PVC housing. Great for close loop reef systems requiring high turnover, the...

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Penn-Plax Cascade Heat Aquarium Heaters accurately maintain the desired temperature in your tank. Available in sizes to match the size and volume of your tank, these heaters are factory preset to 76 degrees Fahrenheit making them ready to use in...

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A 5500K bulb that is ideal for freshwater fish and live plants. The Tropic Sun is a full spectrum daylight lamp, which simulates natural sunlight for optimum aquarium viewing. Our Tropic Sun daylight bulb brings out the natural beauty of fish and...

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Wall mount fish bowl. Great choice for those who love to have a pet fish, but don't have enough countertop or table space to put it. This fish bowl is made of acrylic, which is stronger than glass and doesn't easily shatter. It also weighs less...

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