Marina flexible led air curtain provides an excellent way of adding visual pizzazz to aquascapes as well as improving water circulation and oxygenation. the air curtain is easy to install–simply submerge and attach it to the bottom of the...

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Are the dead spots in your aquarium annoying you so much? Do you feel the fish inanimate? The sun sun jvp-101 is dynamic and fully submersible 800 GPH aquarium wave maker have your aquarium cleared and revitalized. With articulating ball joint,...

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The JAL-1260 is the perfect choice for Large Home Aquarium Applications. This Bundle includes the Tank, Pump and Bottom Filtration System, as well as LED Lighting system with Touch Control, and Aluminum Display Cabinet! The easy-to-clean rounded...

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Pawfly MA-60 Silent Aquarium Air Pump This air pump is especially designed for up to 10 gallons small size fish tank. Whole Air Pump Set comes with Check Valve, Air Stone and 5 ft. Air Tube. can be easily hidden with its compact size of 3.3 x 1.8...

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Uniclife HT-2200 200 W Aquarium heater - Best for 26-52 gallon Aquarium Unilcife heater is made of high quality EXPLOSION PROOF Quartz Glass and provides required heating for your aquarium. Featuring top view temperature control. Easy to adjust...

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Up1510su7ptlc features: -Recirculator pump kit.-Material: Bronze and stainless steel.-Aluminum stator housing.-Stainless steel spherical separator.-Stainless steel / tungsten carbide rotor.-Stainless steel, epdm, pu, ptfe, graphite rotor and...

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This is a great value set of 5 pieces: 3/4" (0.75 inch), 1 inch, 1 1/4" (1.25 inches), 1 1/2" (1.5 inches), 1 3/4" (1.75 inches) Great Value The diamond particule coating on DRILAX hole saws give superior performance and lifetime. Please...

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The Penn-Plax Cascade Heat Aquarium Heater accurately maintains the desired temperature in your tank within 1 degree of accuracy. This heater can be manually set to any temperature however, comes preset to 76 degrees making them ready to use for...

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KEDSUM 130GPH Submersible Water Pump - 10W KEDSUM 130GPH Submersible Water Pump is perfect for small sized aquariums, small ponds, water gardens, and desktop water fountains. The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise. This...

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