The Penn Plax Tidal Pool Aqua Terrium revolutionizes the fish aquarium. Years of research and development have gone into creating this innovative, biological aquatic ecosystem. The multi-level pool and aquarium design provides a truly unique...

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One replacement JBJ Arctica Chiller Compression Gasket for the 1/10HP, 1/5HP, 1/4HP and 1/3HP JBJ Arctica...

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Penn-Plax Bubble-Wall Air Diffusers for Aquariums produce a spectacular wall of bubbles in any aquarium. These diffusers create a dramatic mist of healthful bubbles along the entire length. Simply connect your air pump (not included) and the...

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This Replacement Hagen Fluval Edge Transformer for LED Units is for the Hagen Fluval Edge Replacement 6 Gallon 21-LED Lamp Fixture and the Hagen Fluval Edge Replacement 12 Gallon 42-LED Lamp Fixture. This Replacement Hagen Fluval Edge Transformer...

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Pairing bright White and RGB LEDs, Aqua sky offers infinite color blends and 11 exciting sky effects for a customized environment that can controlled from the palm of your hand. Each individual LED casts 120° of light dispersion for full area...

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Cobalt Aquatics ACCU-Therm fully submersible heaters feature an easy to set thermostat with and on/off indicator light that is Triac equipped that turns the heater on and of at lower voltage, and magnetic contacts that ensure positive contact and...

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Decription: Aquarium Tank Glass Fish Feeding Feeder Specifications: Type: Seam, Hole Size: 36x 36mm Material: Glass Package Includes: 1x Worm Blood Feeder There is a sucker under the bottom, you can paste it up the edge of the...

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The Koralia Wavemaker 4-Way Controller System is a low voltage controller excusively designed for Koralia 12V pumps. (Up to 4 pumps, same or different models) This system is ideal for creating beneficial wave and tide effects in marine aquariums....

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Our external aquarium filter with large capacity, 3-stages and UV bulbs is ideal for removing organic film & debris from water surface and improving water movement and increases vital dissolved oxygen levels. By filtering your tank using the...

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