With an adjustable venturi, the supreme hydroponic utility pump adds aeration into the nutrient rich water flow, stimulating root growth. This pump uses time proven magnetic drive technology and is energy efficient. It is capable of in-line or...

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This filter is excellent for small size fish like dwarf cichlid, guppy, killifish, shrimp etc. Or for hatcheries, maternity, Nano tanks and fry tanks, as the filter produces minimal current and has almost no way to suck the fish through the...

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Functions: Activated Carbon: improve the water quality of the fish tank Cotton Filter: absorb the residual dirt, resolve fish feces quickly Quartz Sand: obstruct a large number of fine particles in water Increase the solubility of oxygen in the...

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48"l bendable bubble wall air diffuser are made of a pliable tube which can bend and conform to any shape. The extremely porous and flexible tube creates an uninterrupted flow of bubbles.The Bendable Bubble Wall is weighted which allows it to...

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The Finnex Compact Electronic Titanium Heaters maintain water temperature within +/-2ºF of the set value providing a safe, healthy and stable temperature for your tank. The titanium tubes are corrosion resistant which makes these virtually...

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Creating a beautiful aquarium and essential hiding places for fish is easy with Aqueon plants and decor. All Aqueon Aquarium Plants feature a weighted base to keep the plant right where you want it. The plastic foliage cleans easily with warm...

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Tom Tominaga Oscar Plastic Bowl Drum. 1/2 Gallon Plastic Bowl. An Ideal beginner fish bowl. Sturdy, shatter-proof plastic, crystal-clear for perfect viewing of your pet. Tom Tominaga Oscar Plastic Bowl DrumAn Ideal beginner fish bowlSturdy,...

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The all new Cobalt Aquatics Easy-Therm fully submersible heaters feature a modern, flat design and a simple to set thermostat with easy to see ON/OFF indicator lights. Triac equipped thermostat turns the heater off at a lower voltage to extend...

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Descriptions:Safely separates new-born fry from mother and other fish .Suitable for all kinds of aquarium, cold water, tropical and marine fish.Simple to assemble, the net breeder provides security for fry or even sick and injured...

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