Needlewheel protein skimmer CURVE 5 Capability : 500L(140G) pump: ROCK - SP1000 Pump power: 8W, /110V 60Hz Dimensions: 185×180×470mm(7.28" * 7.08" *...

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The Aquatic Creations Corner Column is designed for a perfect fit in the corner of any medium to large sized aquarium. Turn your tank into an ancient underground wonderland with our Ancient Ruins ornament collection. This is the perfect accessory...

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HOW TO CHOOSE A HYDROPONIC, AQUAPONIC, ALGAPONIC, AQUARIUM, POND OR FOUNTAIN PUMP First remember:  - "Maximum Flow Rate" is meaningless because it is at ZERO lift.  - "Maximum Head/Lift" is meaningless because the flow at that height is only a...

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Foam sleeves and other parts and accessories available for the magnum and hot magnum canister filters. For the Magnum and HOT Magnum canistersUnique filtrationaquarium filter accessories3-Pack Hey everyone, here's a...

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Light Bulb:(1)15w T8 Med Bi-Pin Linear Fluor Innovative liquid luxury... truly art in motion. Ever-changing aquatic habitat readily creates a relaxing atmosphere while offering everyday utility. Resting on a black acrylic pedestal, each table...

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Perfect for bringing out the best energy and condition in your Bettas and fancy guppies. Nutritious Supplements from Tetra Tetra has been revolutionizing and improving fish nutrition since the company’s birth in Germany in 1951. Since that...

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You are purchasing ONE Piece of the 150W 150 Watt, XM DE HQI Metal Halide Bulb 20K, 20,000K Coral Reef Bulb Will Work on a HQI Metal Halide Ballast, Pulse-Start Ballast or Electronic Ballast 10,000 Hour Long Life Lamp 6 Month Warranty Includes...

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The Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Aquarium Filter is a heavy-duty external filtration system. The Cascade 1000 (CCF3UL) is for aquariums up to 100 gallons and pumps 265 gallons per hour (GPH). Delivering powerful mechanical, chemical, and...

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The newly refined Coralife BioCube boasts key features and improvements to overall function and performance. In addition, the new design remains compatible with all existing BioCube accessories. The tank size is 15x15.6x15.6 with a net volume of...

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