KEDSUM Handle Design Magnetic Fish Tank Glass Cleaner This is a ultra-strong magnetism cleaning brush with handgrip design, specially adopting 4 neodymium (Nd) magnets. It's comfortable and relaxed to operate the cleaning brush with tiny body. ...

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Fill these towers with water. You will be mesmerized by the floating jellyfish with the colorful lighting. L: 8" x W: 3" x H: 3"Requires 3 x AA Batteries, Not...

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Aquarium Fish Tank Heater Zacro submersible 50-watt heater is very easy to use for aquariums ranging from 2 to 16-gallons. The visible temperature setting can be set and adjusted temperature between 65-93 Fahrenheit or 20-32 centigrade degrees....

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This beautiful glass aquarium offers 180 degrees of panoramic viewing with a flat back wall for spacing confining areas. This aquarium kit includes an integrated 3-stage top filter with mechanical filter floss, activated carbon basket, ceramic...

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Sponge filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration. Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge, providing a bacterial substrate to facilitate the nitrogen cycle. In addition, the sponge traps larger waste particles, mechanically cleaning...

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Features:- Powered by a durable, oil-cooled electric motor- Engineered Resin Construction- Built-In Automatic Shut Off MechanismSpecifications: - Power Supply: 110V/60Hz/550W(3/4HP)- Cable lengh: 25ft- Q.Max: 2640gph (10000l/h)- H.Max: 23ft-...

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Desktop fish tank with a modern and artistic design, Simple set-up and maintenance, Aquarium filter and pump included. Desktop fish tank with a modern and artistic designSimple set-up and maintenanceAquarium filter and pump...

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Aqueon features a variety of accessories to help keep your fish and their aquatic environment clean and healthy. Aqueon introduces the most accurate, reliable, durable and easy to use aquarium heaters on the market. Available in five...

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Our glass tops are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Each Versa-Top features a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to custom fit your accessories. Special store use Versa-Tops feature...

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