Elive Easy-Set Select Aquarium Heater features a shatter resistant, durable quartz glass design providing quality aquarium heating. With the ability to use in freshwater and saltwater and its 8′ power cord with 50 Watt, this aquarium heater is...

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Design is much more than only styling of existing products: It is the expression of an idea and a concept; it opens one's eyes. Turbelle® nanostream combines aesthetics and function. This innovative circulation pump sets new records: At a...

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Why Choose Us : Must Have Aquatic Plant Kits: No more hands and finger shaving plants back into the sand/dirt.You are like a surgeon in your tanks! No more bull dosing through your plants with your hands! And of course the scissor is a great...

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Replacement hinged-top canopy provides an upgrade to convert fluorescent Coralife BioCube aquariums into LED. Will NOT work with the Oceanic version of the BioCube. Quick and easy way to convert existing fluorescent Coralife BioCubes into...

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The Hayward PowerFlo LX is a high-performance pump series designed for the rigors of aboveground and on-ground type swimming pools. Combining durable, corrosion-proof construction with advanced features and options, it offers dependable...

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TIDAL FILTER UPC : 000116065009 Length : 6.5 Width : 8.5 Height : 10 Shipping Dimensions: 6.5x8.5x10 Product Type : Aquatics-filtration / External Filters Seachem Laboratories Inc...

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60 Gallon Rimless Frag Aquarium, Diamond Polished Edges, Distortion Free Glass, Made Of Glass, Rimless Top, Black Frame Bottom, Dimensions/Size: 48"x24"x12"; Weight: 70.0 lbs. Model AM13560. Aquarium Masters Rimless Frag Aquariums are assembled...

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Showcase your aquarium atop this durable stand. State-of-the-art aquarium features a powder finish for extra moisture resistance. Shelf adds the most affordable way to keep all of your aquarium essentials at an arms reach. State-of-the-art...

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The JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller (TT-1000) is a replacement part for all of the JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating Systems. The temperature sensor is included. The JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller (TT-1000) is a replacement part for...

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