Blue Ocean Aquarium features Crystal Clear Blue Ocean with abundance of live Colorful soft and hard coral, kelp, with real colorful tropical pragmatically animated fish including Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Rock fish, Powder Blue Tang, Blue Tang,...

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A sort of cichlid capital, East Africa is home to more than half of the 1,500 cichlid species. East African cichlids have enjoyed a special popularity among hobbyists. This book features cichlids found in two great lakes in the East African Rift...

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Customize your Marina Betta Kit with this beautiful marble sculpture. It fits in your tank's gravel holder for secure placement. This marble sculpture comes with pebbles and is made of polyresin. The Marina Marble Sculpture was designed...

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African Cichlids of Lakes, Malawi, and Tanganyika Used Book in Good...

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This all-in-one Aqua Dragons starter kit provides you with everything you need to hatch and grow your very own Aqua Dragons. This crustacean species have been dormant for millions of years and need your help to grow! Learn about aquatic life and...

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This ebook is focused on one of the most popular guppy colors, red. The guide is part of a series that classify the major color strains of the guppy and provide pictures, history, descriptions and the genetics of individual strains. The...

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Safestart live bacteria. Start Your Aquarium Off Right: Tetra SafeStart lets you instantly add fish without waiting the typical amount of time to establish the bio-filter. A patented bacteria blend works quickly to remove dangerous ammonia and...

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The female betta fish doesn't get enough recognition in the fish keeping industry. It's a great tropical fish that can be schooled up together (unlike the male betta). I have written this care guide completely devoted to the female sex betta fish....

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Start your bath time adventures with Mooly, Oona and a starfish from Bubble Guppies. Fill with water and give their body a squeeze! Have fun in the tub with your favorite characters from Bubble GuppiesIncludes Molly, Oona, StarfishSqueeze the...

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