Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filters are ideal for aquarium or terrarium use. They are fully submersible in a vertical or horizontal position. The filters offer water flow return controllability in a variety of ways: adjustable flow rates,...

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Why need an aquarium heater for your fish or beta? Fish are cold-blooded animals, which means they cannot regulate their body heat like human beings and other mammals. They need the right external temperature to survive, irrespective of whether...

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Product Features: Reliable circuit and high material ensure output of the heat and keep the water temperature inside the tank steady Temperature indicating scale can be adjusted between 20°~34°C(68°F - 93°F). Totally submersible Durable and...

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The Penn-Plax Cascade Heat Aquarium Heater accurately maintains the desired temperature in your tank within 1 degree of accuracy. This heater can be manually set to any temperature however, comes preset to 76 degrees making them ready to use for...

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Aqueon specialty filter pads are designed to address common water issues. The pads are pre-cut to fit in the Aqueon quietflow LED Pro power filter media grids Help to remove excess harmful or toxic ammoniaDesigned to promote a healthy Aquatic...

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Sustainable and Safe Design Built-in smart chip, it's able to automatically shut off power if the heating is done, or lack of water, or over-heating, which is harmless to your expensive aquatic creatures. Made of Titanium alloy tube for rapid...

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You will need an aquarium heater to keep your tank in a steady and controlled temperature, as proper temperature range is very important to fish and other Aquatic in winter.Our U-picks aquarium heater help your fish and other aquatic keeping away...

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This submergible cast aluminum utility de-icer is designed for multiple uses. Its patented construction provides ultimate efficiency and safety. The built-in thermostat operates the heating element only when necessary. For use in containers up to...

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Aquarium fish tank heater zacro submersible 50-watt heater is very easy to use for aquariums ranging from 2 to 16-gallons. The visible temperature setting can be set and adjusted temperature between 65-93 fahrenheit or 20-32 centigrade degrees....

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