Theo Heater. New aquarium heater functioning with the exclusive PTC technology means that this heater will not break or damage when run out of the tank. Theo aquarium heater has all the necessary feature for safe and precise temperature...

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(DeLonghi DCH5090ER Safeheat 1500W Digital Ceramic Heater with Remote Control and Eco Energy Setting - Gray/Black Reliable, Efficient Heat for Small Spaces The De’Longhi DCH5090ER Personal Ceramic Heater provides safe, even heat for small...

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Perfect for both fresh and saltwater tanks, Aquatop’s-D2HT-450 watt digital heater includes a dual digital display that shows current water temperature and desired water temperature. This advanced and versatile heater is capable of heating...

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Recommended tank size: 5 to 8 gallon, Power: 25 W. Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz, DIMENSIONS: Length: 7.25 inch, Diameter: 0.85 inch, Length of power cord: 2.9 feet Fully submersible heaters work in any position (horizontal or vertical) to provide...

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High quality, break resistant quartz glass construction fully submersible simple installation available in a variety of sizes suction cups for securing to the aquarium visible temperature setting for use in fresh and saltwater. Two suction-cup...

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The Cobalt original MJ multi-use submersible and external pump and power head is built to last under the harshest conditions. Ideal for protein skimmers, wave makers, calcium reactors, nano aquariums, under gravel filters, terrariums and...

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The Titanium Finnex Heating tubes are corrosion-resistant, extending the life exponentially from saltwater damage. Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tubes are built to last. The ultra heating...

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The aquarium pond fish tank water heater is to keep the water temperature inside the tank steady and even allow temperature distribution in larger aquariums. Most tropical fish are warm water fish and need a constant warm temperature in the...

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Built in memory to restore set temperature upon power outage! This package includes a digital controller & an Ultra Sleek Finnex 800 Watt Titanium Tube. The virtually unbreakable titanium tube features a protective heater guard with suction cups...

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