Elemi Jaeger Trump Heater 15 Inch 200 Watt. It is manufactured by Elemi. It is made in Germany. Making it easy to keep your aquarium clean. Elemi Jaeger Trump Heater 15 Inch 200 WattManufactured by ElemiMade in...

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Do not worry about submersible aquarium heater heating slowly. Please look at the guide, will make the effect of heating rod better. 1 different city temperatures are not the same, will lead to aquarium heater heating effect is affected. In low...

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Get precise control of your aquarium temperature with the Precision Submersible Heater. This Heater combines an adjustable temperature dial, a high visibility temperature display and an advanced heating element to keep your aquarium water at the...

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Features: NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (AC adapter included) EASY INSTALLATION (Clamp mounting bracket) Note: Clamp mounting bracket can fit over aquarium walls up to 1/2" thick Extend Longevity of your lighting system Recommended for tanks up to 20+...

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The Aqueon QuietFlow(R) LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters are equipped with Cartridge Change Indicator. As the water level rises, due to a clogged cartridge the LED begins to flash, notifying you that it's time to change you cartridges. Also...

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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heaters are electronically controlled and fully submersible. Easy to set "one touch" system. Set temperature range up to 96F. Thermal protection circuitry. 3 yrs. warranty. Made in Europe. For up to 55 gallon...

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SPECIFICATION: Voltage: 110-120 V 60 Hz 25 W For 5 to 8 gallon 50 W For 10 to 16 gallon 100 W For 20 to 33 gallon 200 W For 40 to 66 gallon 300 W For 60 to 100 gallon 500 W For 100 to 166 gallon INCLUDES: 1 x heater Fully submersible heaters...

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This ViaAqua 300 Watt Titanium Heater has been completely re-designed. It features an easy-to-read LCD Controller, remote sensor and auto shut-off. 300 Watts. For tanks up to 80 gallons. This ViaAqua 300 Watt Titanium Heater has been completely...

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Maintain optimum water temperature by lowering the water temperature of your tank digital led temperature display control accurately maintains desired temperature anti-freezing system will not allow the heat exchanger to freeze memory recall -...

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