Mini 7.5W Aquarium Fish Tank Ultrathin Power Saving Thermostat Feature: 1.Good for both fresh and marine water. 2.Fully sealed,can be used submersible. 3.Compact in size,easy to put into anyplace in the tank. 4.Great for mini fish tanks such as...

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The HC-0810M Finnex controller offers a precision digital control with LED digital display which maintains water temperatures at a constant level protecting your livestock from temperature fluctuations. Easily adjustable high/low temperature...

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Tetra's ht30 line of heaters are easy-to-use and work in aquariums ranging from 10 to 30 gallons. The ht10 and ht30 have electronic thermostats that automatically adjust heat output to keep water at a constant 78 degrees f. Easy to UseThe HT30 is...

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100 WattMiscellaneous Aquariam Power Monitor Light: Red For Heating And Green When Aquarium Has Reached Set Temperature.Fully Submersible And Can Be Placed Horizontally Or Vertically In The AquarAll items are brand new, never worn and never used....

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Aqueon features a variety of accessories to help keep your fish and their aquatic environment clean and healthy. Aqueon introduces the most accurate, reliable, durable and easy to use aquarium heaters on the market. Available in five...

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Pro Heater 250 Watt Power monitor light: red for heating and green when aquarium has reached set temperature.Fully submersible and can be placed horizontally or vertically in the aquarium.For freshwater and marine aquariums.Shatterproof and...

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High quality quartz glass submersible heater with a visible temperature readout Features High Quality, Break Resistant Quartz Glass ConstructionFully SubmersibleSimple InstallationAvailable In a Variety of SizesSuction Cups for Securing To the...

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Heater tube is fully submersible. Automatic electronic heater. Double heating tube. Very durable and reliable. Easy temperature control. Ideal for saltwater and freshwater. Temp range: 68 DegreeF (20 DegreeC) to 93 DegreeF (34 DegreeC). The...

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These Aquarium Glass Submersible Heaters guarantee safe, easy and precise temperature control of your aquarium. They are ideal for keeping your fish happy and comfortable with warm water even in a relatively cold air temperature.Package...

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