Feature: Volt: AC100~240V 16w 1070LM Size: 26x12x2.7cm(10.2x4.7x1.1 inch) White: 14pcs 12000K Red: 2pcs 620-630nm Green: 1pcs 520-535nm Bule & Purple: 2pcs 380-465nm 1. Controller can realize different mode: dawn /sunrise/day/sunset/night 2. Each...

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Adjustable flow rate 180-450 gph;Unique patented magnet-suction cup support allows for easy positioning anywhere in aquarium.;Sphere shaped connection allows for desired flow positioning.;Optional flow concentrator and fish gruard included.;All...

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Beautiful jellyfish lyrically swimming in the Jellyfish aquarium tank - 2 artificial jellyfish, made from a special polymer, move as if they were alive on the micro currents created by the aquarium. LED lights gently change color with different...

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Caitec has been leading the way in pet product innovation by offering pet owners a wide range of high-quality, affordable pet products for more than two decades, by focusing on product design, value, and quality product line. Caitec is proud to be...

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Iwaki WMD 15RLT Water Pump American motor pressure rated water pump. 1/2 inch MPT inlet and outlet. 1/75 HP Motor output. 3100 RPM motor speed. 0.82 amps. Max flow 5.0 GPM 300 GPH Max system pressure 7.20 psi. Iwaki water pumps are...

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A great gift for all ages. Can be mounted to the wall or can set on a desk, table or shelf. Compact and stylish 0. 75-gallon betta tank and starter kit from API. It includes everything you need for starting a betta aquarium. This beautiful...

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Perfect for freshwater or saltwater use AQUARIUM SUPPLIESHEATERS SUBMERSIBLEPet Habitats &...

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The tetramin betta bubble provides a safe environment for your betta fish. the clear glass blow and included, battery-operated led light keeps your betta looking his best and the stylish hood design and tripod base make the betta bubble a perfect...

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Easy-lock suction cup makes installation adjustments and removal a snap;Convenient cord-holding clips on both sides allow for positioning anywhere;Energy-efficient motor and impeller increase water movement with less power;UL Listed Aqueon 06131...

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