The Petsafe Stubborn Dog Fence Transmitter is for the Stubborn Dog Fence Model PIG00-10777. If you need to replace your stubborn dog fence transmitter the part number for this dog fence transmitter (found on the back) is RF-1010. Replacement...

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The living world carrier is the perfect solution for carrying your precious small pet safely and easily. The unit has many innovative design features for comfort and convenience. Made of durable, chew-resistant plastic, the carrier is built to...

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The Safari De-matting comb will help remove mats and tangles from your pet's coat. The stainless steel, serrated blades will comb out most tangles. Suitable for use on breeds with medium to longhaired coatsEspecially helpful for coarse or long,...

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8in1 Safeguard Canine DeWormer for Small Dogs, 1-Gram Safe-Guard treats against Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, and WhipwormsEasy to feed granules that mix into foodSafe for young puppies over the age of 6 weeks, pregnant dogs, and heartworm...

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Whether starting with a new puppy or starting again with an adult dog, this folding double-door metal dog crate cuts housebreaking time in half and reduces behavioral problems. The exceptionally versatile unit features a divider panel that...

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Specially developed for the largest cats or small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund, Miniature Poodles and Spaniels up to a shoulder height of 14” (360mm). A secure, double point 4 Way locking mechanism gives complete...

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PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier (formerly the Innotek Indoor Zone-Pet Barrier) is designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home -- no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents,the Instant Pet...

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Newts Chews Antlers are 100-percent Naturally Shed in the USA. This renewable resource is rich in calcium and minerals. Our Antlers are free of all inonorganic materials such as plastic polymers and chemicals that make up most commercial dog...

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What can you do for your lovely pet? Provide your pet with a playpen to satisfy your pet's need for an enclosure. A playpen can help reduce separation anxiety and prevent destructive behavior. A playpen can keep a puppy away from potentially...

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