Product Details and Features: Brand Name: Favorite Color: Blue & White Dimension: 18.5 L X 12 W X 11 H, bottom is 13 L X 6 W, top load is 12.5 L X 6 W Recommendation: Small dog, puppy, kitten, cat, ferret, guinea pig, small bunny, gecko, mouse,...

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The BarkWood Pet Crate is designed to double as a safe, cozy enclosure for your pet, and as a decorative piece of furniture to go alongside a sofa, or anywhere in your home. This pet crate is constructed of 100% solid wood for extra strength and...

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Magnets, Automatic Lock, and Lockable screen doors This pet/cat door for screens is designed for doors, windows and any other screened areas to allow in/out access for your baby. Pets/Cat can easily push open the door. Simply push the latch down...

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This extra large dogs crate for effective training crate, Ideal for both puppies and adult dogs. Use the metal dog crate for anything from potty training or house training to reinforcing house rules and boundaries--or simply as a safe, secure...

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Give your furry friends their own cozy space with this innovative pet crate design that is both stylish and highly functional. Doubling as a side table, this design also features a sliding & hinged door which can be retracted into the crate to...

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The solid, dependable construction and 360 degree ventilation of a Ruffmaxx Kennel allows comfortable security and plenty of fresh air for your pet. An off-white colored top and green base make this kennel a perfect retreat or travel space for the...

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The Solution Series by MidWest Homes for Pets is glad to offer our double door folding metal dog crates designed specifically to fit most SUVs, vans and larger vehicles. These dog crates are made to keep your dog (or other pets) safely contained...

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About Us: As an ordinary seller on Amazon, AblueA is always devoting ourselves to offering extraordinary products to our customers. PET TOYS ADN BOWLS, PEN HOLDERS, MAGNETIC TOYS, DESKTOP TOYS, HOURGLASS, SAND TIMERS, LOTS OF UNIQUE DEORS AND FUN...

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Size: 34.5"L x 22"W x 1"H, fits 36"L x 23"W crates. Very thick metal pans. 15% restocking fee for all returns. Please measure your crate carefully and buy the correct size panSize: 34.5"L x 22"W x 1"H, fits 36"L x 23"W cratesGalvanized steel that...

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