LITTLE GREY KITTY. WALKS. HEAD NODS. TAIL WAGS. PLAYFULLY POUNCES. LOVED BY KIDS OF ALL AGES. Realistic looking Kitty is 6" tall and sports a blue ribbon.Soft Grey Stripped PlushAdorable Packaging, Open Front Box for the Kitty To Stick Its Head...

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Stop fleas in minutes with Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment for Cats 9+ lbs., a once a month topical flea prevention and treatment for cats. For use only on cats 8 weeks and older. This fast acting flea treatment for cats kills fleas in all...

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Homeopathic Remedy for the relief of stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety, restlessness with pacing and panting, nervousness, fear of loud noises, aggression, hyper excitability, loss of appetite, listlessness, fearfulness, easily startled,...

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Features: For Dogs up to;25 pounds Running Area: 40" D x 12" W Overall Dimensions: 44"H x 30"D x 40"W Training Door Included Running Surface Mat for added comfort Free off-leash exercise so your dog can run at his own natural pace Can be used...

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Saucer shape helps prevet wet food from getting stuck in corners Shallow shape is designed to accommodate whiskers, making feeding more comfortable and calm for your catNon-skid, easy to pick up, dishwasher safeGreat for wet or dry...

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These toys provide hours of fun and exercise, and they are a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instinct. Contains Assorted 20 toys. Toys might be different from the picture   Assorted ToysWill keeps your cat occupiedFor active...

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A Dog Play Pen is a great way to contain your dog while allowing your dog to exercise as well. A pet play pen is a great gift for any pet. All of our pet exercise play pens are commonly set up in a standard octagon configuration. Benefits of...

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Kit for clicker training for cats Easy TrainingFast TrainingMake your training effective and...

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Once a month topical flea prevention and treatment for cats, for use only on cats 8 weeks and weighing 5 to 9 lbs. Advantage II flea treatment is safe for cats & kittens eight weeks and olderAdvantage II flea medicine for cats effectively kills...

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