At first it can seems like such a simple task, all you have to do is open that glossy horse supply and tack catalog that is laying on the table and purchase a new Western saddle pad. No problem.

Just a few short seconds after opening the catalog you realize exactly how big a project you are about to undertake. Instead of opening the catalog and finding the one or two saddle pads you expected you find your self facing page after page after page of saddle pads. Each saddle pad has its own cut, material type, and function. The magazine offers a brief blurb on each pad but nothing that is really helpful. The only thing that the blankets seem to have in common is the price...expensive.

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. The typical horse person operates on a tight budget. Every day they are confronted with a flood of bills that never seems to stop, feed bills, veterinarian bills, board bills, lesson bills, and miscellaneous bills. It is tempting to purchase the cheapest saddle blanket the catalogue sells. Before you place that order you should stop and think. When it comes to tack cheaper is typically not better. Cheap saddle blankets tend to be so thin that they offer next to no cushioning, the flimsy material often bunches and can cause saddle sores if the owner is negligent when saddling. Cheap blankets can slide while the owner is riding (this is especially true if your horse is as round as a barrel). The advantage to cheap saddle blankets is that they are typically washing machine cleanable, but the downside is that they seldom last for more then a few cleanings. The one time I recommend buying a really cheap Western saddle pad is when you are first saddling a young horse. If cost is a major issue consider looking in the clearance sections of the catalogs and tack stores. I've found that I typically find the best deals on saddle blankets when I'm not looking for one.

The second thing you need to take into consideration when you are looking for a Western saddle blanket is what type of saddle do you have. Not all Western saddles are designed the same, there are saddles cut to fit specific breeds (Arabians and Quarter Horses typically use a different saddle design), saddles that are designed for different purposes (a barrel racing saddle looks completely different from a saddle that a roper will be riding in). The important thing to remember is that the when the saddle pad is on, no part of the underside of the saddle should be touching the horses back.

It is important to consider your horses body type when you are purchasing a saddle blanket. If you own a horse whose mid section resembles a barrel and their withers are nothing more then a distant memory (this is the typical body type of ponies) you will want to look for a saddle pad that is made of material that is designed not to slip and slide all over the place. If you are a rider that typically leans heavily on one side of your saddle you will also want to consider a non-slip saddle blanket. If your horse has prominent withers you will want to look for a saddle blanket that will add extra protection and padding in the front. A swaybacked horse requires a saddle pad that will offer extra support everywhere, you'll also want to look for a saddle pad that is thick enough you saddle will sit above the horses withers and hips.

Western saddle pads are not easy to clean. They are typically to stiff and cumbersome to fit in a washing machine and if you are able to cram them into your washing machine you will quickly learn that it can take several days before they are dry. Once a Western saddle pad has been washed it typically doesn't look the same again. Most Western riders try to keep their saddle pads clean by placing a cheap Navajo rug under the think fluffy Western Blanket.

The relationship between man and horse is an enduring one. But dealing with animals is always easier and more enjoyable when you have empathy and understanding. To be able to relate to horses,you need to understand their pychology, in order to anticipate horses' reactions you have to understand how they think and why they behave in certain ways. A good understanding also builds confidence on both sides-human and equine.

When faced with a threatening situation, the horse's nature is one of flight, and therefore its perspective on life is one of vulnerability rather than attack. As humans, how we react and feel in certain situations depends on our upbrining and experience. It is the same with horses, which is why careful early handling and training are so important.

We can never expect a horse to go against its natural instincts, that is, never to be frightened or wary - but with good training we can control these instincts and show the horse, in a positive way, that a particular situation or object need not be feared.

Horses are gregarious herd animals, welcoming the company of other horses, as well as other creature companions and humans. Even domesticated stable horses establish their own 'pecking order'.

Either the stallion at the end of the row calls loudest when feed time is due or, as many top riders report, their retired star kicks the stable door demanding attention first when what it considers as 'it' rider walks into the stableyard in the morning.

It is widely known the horse responds best to praise and encouragement from its trainer or rider to overcome its natural flight instincts and not be dominated. 'Breakin-in', the term formerly associated with a youg horse's first conditioning to carry a rider, has now commonly been replaced with terms such as 'starting', which infer much less the idea of domination.

From the disabled child fearlessly enjoying the company of ponies as part of therapy to the most successful of international competitive combinations, a common bond - that of trust and empathy between rider and horse - is being developed.

The horse looks at its human contacts as part of its 'herd' in the herd hierarchy,the human rider and trainer's intellectual capacities give him or her the upper hand. This is why the man/horse relationship has worked so well for several thousand years, and humans can control an animal with many times their own strengths and power.

Riders in their early lessons will often be told 'Don't be nervous'. Although at this stage the rider should be learning from an experienced horse and therefore should be able to relax, the fact that horses need reassurance and security is something to bear in mind and cultivate from the start of a riding career.

Equine shin splints are a type of bone injury that usually occurs in young horses over a period of time. The major cause of this injury is the constant strain that is placed on the shin bones of the horse during its day to day activities. This results into the tearing of fibre from the bone and this causes heating, swelling and pain. Your house will therefore not be able to walk comfortably, run or perform most of its daily activities. To prevent your young house from suffering the misery of this injury, the following five tips should be observed:

Tip # 1 - First and foremost, you should try and point out what activities may be placing too much pressure on the bones of the horse. You should understand that there are certain limits that young horses in particular ought not to be pushed. Therefore, carry out an analysis of the number of activities your horse performs in a day and cut out or totally avoid anything that predominantly seems to be source of so much strain for the horse.

Tip # 2 - Whenever you are exercising your horse, always make sure that you put sport medicine boots or a pair of splint on the front limbs of the horse. Doing this correctly will not only significantly reduce the chances of your horse rupturing a splint, but it will also safeguard it from other numerous tissue injuries such those of the ligament and tendon.

Tip # 3 - As much as horses need exercises to keep then fit, make sure that you do not spend too much time working them in small circles in a round pen. Too much exercise for a young horse is counterproductive. Since their bones are still developing, small circles easily cause splints and other joint injuries. To exercise it, you may therefore ride your horse while doing some light lounging as you allow it time to fully develop. Remember that horses will continue to grow they reach the age of four years.

Tip # 4 - Related to number 3 above, do not jump young horses still in their growing ages. This may seem a lot of fun to both and you and your horse but most certainly, the horse will end up popping its splint. In any case, you will have a lot of time to jump the horse once they grow into maturity.

Tip # 5 - In the case that you notice any signs of a popped splint; you should immediately give your horse a few days of complete rest to prevent any further damage. Some light walking exercises will however be needed during this particular period of time.

In conclusion, if equine shin splints occur, there are a number of treatments that can be performed to help cure the horse. Initially, cold treatment, bandaging and support of the affected area may help and non-steroidal inflammatory treatment may also be administered. For severe cases, radiography or ultra sound is performed to diagnose the extent of injury before surgery is done to remove bone tissues that have fragmented.

Yuletide season is just around the corner and its perfect time to break away and relax on holidays. Just because you are traveling for the holiday does not mean your best friend dog and pets have to stay home. As per experience, having pets on travel and vacation is far lot different and exciting. Traveling with pets is easy and comfortable now with lots of innovative and reliable pet travel products.

This Pet Street Mall will guide you through the essential and must have pet needs that will ensure safety and comfort for your pet while traveling. Weather you are traveling these holidays by car or plane, we are confident we have the pet travel item for you. Check out this list of top pet travel needs every pet should have.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier. Traditionally known as Porters, Taxis, Carriers, and Kennels; they are now known as pet cages or crates. Airline Approved Pet Carriers are sturdy covered door posts for a durable long lasting product. They have strong wire mesh doors to keep your pets secure while creating a comfortable air flow. These fashionable pet carriers come in variety of colors and sizes and are 100% Airline approved so you won't experience any costly mishaps and delays. When choosing, always make sure your pet fits well in its crate. The pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the cage. It is essential too to properly train & orient your dog to use the pet carriers and discourage any aggressive behavior in the kennel like biting, chewing, licking, ramming, or pawing.

Pet Travel Crates. These containment systems are designed Specifically to fit "Side-by-Side" in SUV & Van Rear Compartments. They are portable, has safe & secure slide bolt latches and surely tough yet easy to clean ABS plastic pan. Finished in a long lasting Black Epoxy Powder and comfortable plastic carrying handle already included. PetStreetMall offers free shipping on all pet crates and their premier customer service department has not only helped customers nationwide select the correct crate.

Dog Vehicle Barriers. They are mainly used in Sport Utility Vehicles to safely secure your dog in the rear of the vehicle. This will keep your dog safely away from the driver and other occupants. Dog vehicle Barriers are offered in either a tubular or mesh design. If an extension can also be purchased if needed. They come in small, medium and large tubular barriers for all SUVs and Mini-buses. Soft Net Vehicle Pet Barrier is also available, made with micro-mesh material which is actually easier to see through than metal tube-style barriers.

Pet Travel Bowls & Dog Food Bags. Travel bowls are collapsible food dishes that is perfect for traveling, hiking or when simply visiting parks. Dog food bags are collapsible food containers too for much easier and less mess food containment.

Dog Car Seats. Pet car seat provides a safe and secure place for dogs on car while traveling. Dog Car Seat will limit pets from wandering inside the car, yet it provides him with a comfortable place to enjoy the ride. While providing your dog with his own special seat in your car, it will also keep your car seat clean and damage-free. With dog car seats, you wont have to worry about the safety of your dog while enjoying the out of town trip.

Pet Seat Belts, Buckles and Dog Car Harness. Like people, dogs also need the same kind of security when they are about to travel. Dog seat belt is the proper restraining of your dog in a safe area inside the car. It is also important to place your dog in a secured seat for him to enjoy the beauty outside while having a ride. Pet buckle ensures that your dog will behave properly while enjoying the ride and prevents him from hitting the hard interior of your vehicle when theres a sudden stop. And once a dog car harness is worn on your pet during your long road trip, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will not roam or create damage inside you car.

Car Seat Covers and Pet Cargo Mats. Having a seat cover is definitely one of the best techniques in keeping your vehicles interior in good condition. Aside from protecting your car seat, your dog can comfortably lie on this cover because of the soft materials used. If ever the seat cover is already dirty, all you need to do is to remove it and wash it right away! Aside from the beauty and cleanliness it brings to your car, dog seat cover is used to provide superb comfort to your pet. Your dog can snooze and rest on this smooth seat cover during travel. For SUV cars, high quality pet cargo mats will keep your car stain and grime free even if you always bring your dog with you. SUV cargo mats are easy to sanitize and can be the best protection of your dog against any kind of weather.

A horse hair shampoo is most essential item for horses. It is used to cleanse their body along with the genital area. It is highly recommended to do a few allergic testing before applying this product . If, soon after 24 hours, no issue has happened, you can continue using it. Aloe-based shampoos are the great kinds of shampoo that should be used. Shampooing the horse is a vital part for making them well-groomed. Hair brushes are crucial for horses also. They come in different sizes and in different types also. A horse's body may look shinier if it is hair is brushed . For many, brushing is just a part of a horse's great grooming . People must know that brushing a horse's hair can make the animal feel comfortable. It also helps in proper circulation of blood.

Horse rugs are also warm items which are well-known horse products. They are essential simply because they protect the horses from diverse weather conditions. Quite a few horses which are seen in higher altitudes need rugs to secure it from bitter cold winds. Rugs should fit the horse's body exactly for much better comfort . Horse rugs come in different kinds and fashions.

Horse's vitamins are famous products too. Nutritional vitamins must be provided to horses for proper nutrition. Like mankind, they need vitamin supplements and mineral for the right development as well as prevention of ailments. They must be given the proper amount and must be taken consistently as prescribed by an equine vet. Vitamins help horses recover better .

Horse shoes are also popular items to stop a horse from acquiring injured while walking. A shoe serves as their safety for each of their hooves. It may also help them in avoiding possible injury to their hooves . Horse's hooves needs to be inspected always mainly because they also need cutting. If left unchecked, hooves may dry up and split that could cause extreme pain and prevent a horse from being able to walk or even stand .

Horses should be taken care of correctly. They must be supplied with good grooming as well as training simply because horses are certainly responsive to germs as well as bacterial infection along with physical injuries. It can make them feel good and at ease. Horses are naturally nervous so which makes them comfy is a wise idea to help them perform properly. Furthermore, giving ample stables will serve as protection from heavy rains or winter cold. Serving the horses with healthy diet will also make certain that their resistance from diseases will not be compromised. People should also provide them with all of the required nutritional supplements they need. You should also speak with a horse all the time because they are very wise and also receptive animals. Owning a horse is a big duty. Additionally, it could get very expensive particularly if the horse periodically gets sick. So pamper your horse with efficient horse care items that can help them perform better. Even animals require a comfortable and safe environment. For several, raising a horse is like raising a child. It costs a lot but the happiness and also contentment you get from nurturing them is immeasurable.

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) July 06, 2012, the leading online retailer for aquarium supplies and led aquarium lighting, introduces high performance "Do It Yourself" DIY LED Aquarium Light systems for aquariums with LEDs by CREE. These light systems will provide a balanced spectrum for photosynthetic corals, invertebrates and for freshwater planted biotope aquariums.

The Director of Operations of OCReef Aquatics, David Francis, said the following about this new exciting product, “When my pico reef was being planned, form factor was the primary goal. There wasn't much to start with except an all glass 3 gallon fish tank. With the small footprint of this tank, it was unlikely many components existed for it. But, there were a few examples that we experimented with, that inspired this product. Customers will see significant color improvements in their corals and fish with these lights, and now have a size that fits aquariums from 3 to 100 gallons."

Light is a major component for the proper care and survival of a saltwater coral reef aquariums. now offers a wide selection of Cree DIY LED aquarium lights to fit every tank size and need.


For over 25 years Aquarium Supplies has been providing your home reef aquarium with the finest Cree LED aquarium lighting, and aquarium supplies, including: protein skimmers, heaters, filters, water pumps, nano fish tanks and more. is committed to consistently deliver superior online customer service that meets the needs of aquarium hobbyists, with unsurpassed professionalism, politeness and promptness.

Located in the heart of Orange County, OCReef is proud to sponsor responsible reef stewardship programs abroad. The shopping experience is extremely user friendly, fun and informative, making the whole process pleasurable. We hope you'll become part of the OCReef family. For more information about led aquarium lighting and aquarium products, visit


While choosing a collar for your dog, ensure that you take the size and breed of the dog into account, as a wrong collar will prove harmful to your canine in the long run.

Think you can just share your old stuff with your dog and all will be well? Wrong. It is extremely important to make sure your dog gets the best possible accessories that are tailor-made for him. It is only going to make him, and consequently, you happier.

It goes without saying that a pet owner always includes food items and a medicine kit, while considering the essential items for his/her pet. Hence, we have enlisted those items that you might fail to notice. The following is a list of all must-have products that you ought to buy for your adorable canine.

Must-have Accessories for Your Dog

Food and Water Bowls

Whether he's a puppy or a fully-grown dog, he's definitely going to need one of these. Food and water bowls come in handy even when you're traveling. These bowls come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and are made up of different material. Today, you get ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, and glass varieties that are reasonably priced and easy to clean.If you want to go for cheaper options, plastic bowls are the right choice, but they come with their own set of demerits. Plastic bowls can easily facilitate bacterial buildup that can cause infections to your dog. Ceramic and glass bowls, although safe, are heavy and can be troublesome. The best material recommended is stainless steel. These bowls are a bit heavy on the pocket, but can be easily sterilized.Make sure you choose the right one according to the size and temperament of the dog, since some dogs even double it up as a playing toy.

Collars and Leashes

A collar is an absolute necessity for your dog since it contains his license and identification, in case he gets lost. Identification tags are often attached to the collar bearing the owner's name and contact information. Collars are generally available in nylon, leather, metal, or polyester. Nylon ones with a buckle are advisable that are fastened loosely around the dog's neck.A leash is attached to the collar and is useful when you take your dog for a walk or during his training period. In general, a leash should be between 4 to 6 feet along with a loop handle, and preferably of nylon webbing. During the obedience training period, it is recommended to use longer ones.

Dog Beds

Of course, dogs too need pampering and comfort! If you're not of the type to share your own bed with your pet, and need some space at least at night, then dog bedding is the easiest solution. Needless to say, this comes only after the dog is trained to housebreak. Your dog's bed can get as elaborative and decorative as you want it to be. It can range right from an old used pillow or a blanket for him to snuggle in, or specific elements catering to his likes and dislikes.

Dog Toys

Now, we all know how much dogs love to play, jump, and run around. So, all kinds of toys definitely have to make it to the list of must-have products. Be it stuffed toys, squeaky kinds, ropes and balls, or even thinking toys, dogs never refrain from enjoying to the fullest. Toys, especially those involving chewing, play a major role in your puppy's physical development too. Ideally, your dog should be encouraged to play with hard and long-lasting rubber toys, and not stuffed ones as he's most likely to destroy them later and can ingest the small, torn pieces.

Dog House

A dog house or kennel is often a place outside the house. Usually, pups are wary of staying in dog houses before they get accustomed to the entire house. A dog house gives an entirely different kind of a personal space to the canine and can be built especially for guard dogs. It can be a personalized one according to the breed and size of your dog. Smaller houses are also available in case you stay in an apartment.

Grooming Kit

Paying attention to your dog's hygiene is absolutely essential at all ages. Almost every dog needs grooming on some or the other level. The grooming requirements will differ depending on the breed of your dog, but the basic needs, such as trimming the toenails, brushing his teeth, and cleaning his ears are common to all breeds.It is important that you wash, condition, brush, and comb your dog's coat on a regular basis. Dog shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and toothpastes are easily available at any pet store. However, consult your vet before you choose any particular brand of grooming supplies for your pet.

Crates or Carriers

Crates and travel carriers are made especially for those owners who travel often and do not wish to leave their pet behind. They are available in several sizes and shapes including plastic, steel, and fiberglass. Couple the crate with a soft blanket, and it makes for a cozy room for the dog when you're traveling.

There you go! Now that you have a list of all the necessary items your dog needs, take a trip to a nearby pet store as soon as possible.

Attending equestrian summer camp is a dream come true for most children. Summer is a time made even more special with the addition of snapping on riding helmets before mounting a thoroughbred in a new pair of children's riding breeches and paddock boots. It just makes a child feel like they can accomplish anything. This magical experience can also teach many important life skills in addition to providing a great way to get in shape.

It is important to make sure your child has high quality riding equipment to ensure a positive and safe experience at riding camp. Although a cowboy hat and jeans may work just fine for a simple trail ride, children attending equestrian summer riding camps will need riding helmets specifically designed for English riding along with children's riding breeches and paddock boots for hunt seat and dressage.

What You'll Need

After enrolling your child in an equestrian summer riding camp, you should receive a list of required standard equipment along with suggested equipment recommendations. You'll usually find children's riding breeches, paddock boots, and a riding helmet on the list of required items. By sticking with dependable name brands like Equine Couture and Tuffrider for apparel and LAS and International Riding Helmet for helmets, you are sure to purchase safer, high quality products at affordable prices.

Children's riding breeches offer a classic, tailored appearance while allowing your child freedom of movement so they have the feel needed to ride well. Good breeches will protect your child's legs, but they also work to help your child maintain contact with the saddle and the horse. By seeking a well-known brand, you will find the quality needed for safety and performance. Riding helmets made from new lightweight materials with sun visors are popular for equestrian summer camps. Seek a retailer that offers plenty of resources for making the best choice in addition to clear sizing information by manufacturer, as fit can often differ between manufacturers.

Extra Details To Consider

Extra details can make your child's equestrian summer camp experience even better than just basic equipment. Just imagine your child arriving at camp with a professional looking riding shirt, pair of riding gloves, a crop, and an equipment bag. While one pair of paddock boots and one riding helmet will do, you should consider purchasing an extra pair of children's riding breeches. You never know when your child might spill on them, tear them, or even lose them. In addition, horses are messy and providing your child with a second pair of children's riding breeches just makes good sense.

Other extra details to consider include a water bottle, towel, and horse grooming equipment. This will make your child feel more professional and he or she may enjoy the grooming process even more when they have their own equipment. Since most equestrian riding summer camps end with a show, you might also consider purchasing a show coat for your child. Just imagine how great your child will feel and look in the ring with well-tailored children's riding breeches, polished paddock boots, a professional riding shirt, and a show coat along with riding gloves and a nice riding helmet. Not only will your child enjoy the show even more, but he or she will also look the part and will ride better and safer as they show off their new equestrian skills in the ring.

Size Is Important

When you're new to horseback riding, you won't usually have the expertise to know what details to look out for when fitting your child for apparel and equipment. The most important aspect is sizing. Don't buy riding apparel and equipment too large for your child thinking he or she will grow into it. Loose fitting products are dangerous. Always invest in safety by purchasing children's riding breeches, paddock boots, and riding helmets that fit well.

Children's riding breeches should fit snugly and feature soft, breathable fabric, knee and seat grips, a full seat, and a wide, low-rise waistband. Riding helmets are not only a part of your child's riding attire, they are a piece of safety equipment that should fit properly and be ASTM approved. In fact, wearing riding helmets that don't fit is worse than not wearing a riding helmet at all. Remember that paddock boots protect your child's feet from 1,000 pound horses, so make sure they fit well and aren't too big so your child's foot flops around inside.

Your child will learn much more than how to ride a horse at equestrian summer camp. Physical fitness, alertness, cool-headedness, leadership, attention skills, responsibility, compassion, and more are all parts of the equestrian summer camp experience. The right equipment will keep your child safe and will offer them the most positive riding experience possible.

With all the milder several weeks little by little ending, it's start thinking about winter months moose nourishes. The actual mount or perhaps horse?utes specifications is going to be a bit various throughout the frigid section of the calendar year. Just about the most substantial alterations is because will probably be spending far more power maintaining warm and dry, particularly if these are getting rejected with out a carpet.

It is vital to maintain looking at an equine?azines health insurance bodyweight during wintertime. Almost all of the crucial if the mount is not getting introduced daily. Unless of course the actual horse is actually strongly examined over a pretty everyday, pounds and also horse give food to difficulties can be difficult to spot under levels associated with heavy winter coat as well as carpets.

During wintertime, your lawn loses their nutritional value. Even though paddocks consist of a lot of your lawn, it'll probably not work well high quality consequently entrepreneurs ought to purchase a lot of first class viven or increase something similar to Fiberpro to their normal horse bottles.

Just about any horse that's keeping out and about need additional rations. Only a few farm pets will get via a wintertime in good health with out difficult supply, even though these are unemployed. Nearly all mount feed firms and horse health professionals should be able to offer tips on simply how much equine supply a selected personal will require around wintertime. It is worth getting a specialist?ersus view if you're able to as they set a person strongly on the journey. Among the important things to remember is the fact that fiber ought to form the almost all your equine rss feeds. Chaff or even sweets beet, included with the materials as well as premixed supply; could keep the particular equine?utes digestive tract inside good shape. Digesting the fiber may also help maintain the horse hot.

One other thing that really should not be ignored is the horse?ersus intake of water above winter season. Contamination and impaction colic is definitely an matter over wintertime while moose?azines could be not wanting to drink in the event the water of their trough is icy frosty. Frequently, that isn?to even achievable to gain access to drinking water since their h2o suitable container is freezing above. To inspire farm pets to consume the right quantity (12-15 gal each day), attempt supplying them tepid drinking water. Hotter h2o could be more attractive to the particular mount, which means these people drink many add?t have problems with any kind of problems associated with certainly not having ample. Although you may feel the actual horse is good, put on?big t cease keeping track of the quantity of drinking water they're consuming. It really is advisable to identify and also take care of issues in the beginning, as compared to even more down the observe.

Together with every one of the previously mentioned horse give food to requirements, watching every other part of the mount?ersus health will ensure that they can be in good shape through infant winter coat and snowsuit for baby season. Standard worming as well as enamel rasping will mean the investment property about horse bottles is not lost.