It seems that everyone is "going green" these days. You don't have to believe in global warming to go green. Even if global warming doesn't exist, going green is beneficial to your health by putting less chemicals and toxins in our air and water. Recycling means less waste in our landfills. Using natural cleaners is less toxic to our bodies and our pets. You can even go green with your dog. Here's how:

1. Buy eco-friendly dog beds.

There are companies that manufacture dog beds from natural materials or use recycling in their manufacturing process. Some companies use hemp, which is a plant that can be harvested for its fibers and is used to make clothing, dog beds and other things. It has been used for centuries. No pesticides are needed for growing it, and it is almost instantly replenished once picked and grows in near drought conditions. Organic cotton is another natural material used for dog beds. Organic means grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Some companies use recycled plastic soda bottles to make dog beds. They do this by removing the labels and caps and then cleaning and disinfecting the bottles. The plastic bottles are then chopped into flakes, melted, liquefied and then re-engineered into fibers that are used in fiber fill and fabrics. This process can use up to 8 times less energy than it takes to manufacture the same material new.

By buying eco-friendly dog beds, you use natural resources, which are less toxic, and keep garbage out of the landfills, using less energy to make a new dog bed than starting from scratch. Many eco-friendly dog beds are made from high-quality materials and are very durable, thus saving you money. They come in many different styles and colors. Some eco-friendly dog beds, such as a bumper bed, can be customized, meaning you choose the color and pattern of the bed and the cushion that goes inside it. Eco-friendly dog beds are usually stylish and come in eye-popping colors.

2. Buy eco-friendly dog toys.

Your dog loves to play and needs toys. Why not let him go green by buying him eco-friendly dog toys? Some plush dog toys are made with eco fabric that utilizes 85% recycled fibers and are then stuffed with fiber fill made from recycled soda bottles, using the same procedure as the one used for making dog beds. Eco-friendly dog toys also come in modern designs and inspired colors that radiate energy. The more durable "guaranteed tough" dog toys are designed to be recyclable and to create virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. They contain up to 10% post-industrial recycled plastic, along with post-consumer recycled plastic that's received directly from customer returns.

3. Buy eco-friendly dog clothes.

If your dog wears clothes, you and your dog can go green by buying eco-friendly dog sweaters and jackets. You can find dog sweaters that are made from reclaimed cotton. That is, scraps from T-shirts or other cotton garments that are too small to do anything with and would otherwise end up in an incinerator are cleaned and separated into raw fibers and then blended with a small amount of acrylic to make dog sweaters. The fibers are carefully mixed to create cool colors and patterns. In this way, new cotton doesn't have to be grown or dyed, thus saving the earth from more chemicals and saving water and farmland.

There are dog jackets that are made from 100% recycled polyester and are also recyclable once dogs grow out of them, wear them out or the dogs' owners get tired of them.

4. Use natural therapies to treat your dog.

Many flea and tick products are very toxic for your dog and for the environment. You can use herbs, vinegar, some essential oils and other natural therapies to keep the fleas and ticks away. There are websites with "recipes" for flea and tick treatments so you can make your own or you can buy flea and tick shampoo that contains natural ingredients that's available in most health food stores. Your dog will be healthier if it is exposed to less toxins and you will be healthier too. Whatever goes on your dog also goes in your dog and in you if you handle your dog.

There are lots of ways to go green, whether you believe global warming exists or not. Going green is just good -- good for the environment, good for your health, good for animals and pets and just plain makes you feel good doing it. Besides that, going green can save you money by reusing, recycling, using less and staying healthy. And now, going green is not just for humans -- your dog can go green too.

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Suburban Dog House, an internet retailer that sells dog beds and accessories, was featured by Ecommerce provider Volusion, as a Success Story in April 2009. Volusion highlighted the website design, selection of products, ecommerce platform, and customer service as key reasons for success. The Volusion Success Story titled "Suburban Dog House Fetches Online Success," described the start up's strong vision for a specialty store, the importance of selecting the right platform, and building solid customer service. Suburban Dog House sells products that bridge the gap between practicality and aesthetics and has been with Volusion since it launched. Now in it's third year of operation, the internet retailer continues to grow. They sell and ship quality products including large dog beds, clothing, dog travel carriers, collars and leashes, and gifts for dog lovers throughout the United States.

Kelly Paster, of Suburban Dog House, Inc. attributes the success to a solid vision, quality pet products, responsive customer service and an easy to use website. "It took over a year to develop the vision into an online store, choose Volusion and select high quality manufacturers," says Paster. Ongoing is an emphasis on customer service and adding quality products. 'We're able to respond quickly to customers by adding new products and features to the store to meet customer's needs," said Paster.

Suburban Dog House, Inc. was the first to feature a Made in the USA section of quality dog beds, toys, clothing and other accessories. They recognized that many dog owners were looking for products that are manufactured in the USA. "Paying attention to what customers want has kept us growing, and we've added key areas to the website in response," says Paster.

Volusion noted other key attributes of the website include ease of moving from one page to the next, overall organization, a streamlined consumer buying process with one-page checkout, and features like photo zoom to view details before an item is purchased. Volusion estimated there are 2000 SKUs that the retailer manages online. That many products would be easy to loose track of, but Paster said, "we carefully select the products so we're knowledgeable about them upfront. We can easily make changes to our product selection and respond to customer questions." The full article on Suburban Dog house can be found at Volusion Success Stories.

About Suburban Dog House, Inc.

Suburban Dog House was established in 2005 and is an online dog specialty retail store selling dog toys, dog beds, dog collars, dog clothing, dog travel carriers, harnesses and many other products for dogs and dog lovers. Quality products and information can be found at

No one really likes to talk about worms, but they are a fact of life for most horses. They good news is that you can treat them quickly and easily. You and your horse will both feel a lot better. The downside, though, is that the worms aren't as dumb as we think they are. They find great ways to avoid what people use to try to control them, and they can make your horse sick. They cause diarrhea and weight loss and colic, and if they aren't treated a horse can eventually die from them. Even though most horse owners try hard to control them, vets regularly see horses that have worms, and it's becoming a real problem. Different worms cause different kinds of problems, and a low level of infection isn't going to be a big deal. It's almost impossible to keep a horse one hundred percent worm-free all the time. It is the high levels of infection that people have to worry about and that must be gotten under control.

When treating your horse for worms, being educated about horses and their problems can help you do much better in taking care of any difficulties that arise. Not all horses are the same, and individuals who are aware of this can do better in caring for their horses. Some horses are more likely to get worms than others, and owners who know this can treat their horses more aggressively. Some worms also have to be treated with different kinds of medications than others, so treating for one kind of worm won't get rid of all kinds of worms. In addition, some medications are only good for one lifecycle, so the worms might return. Owners who are aware of these kinds of things and prepared for them have much happier horses.

Are you new to bird feeding. If so, then you might be happy with the fact that having bird feeders in your garden or near your home can provide you a source of natural music but also a decorative fixture that you and neighbors will surely love. Needless to say, the type of bird feeder you choose can make a lot of birds happy. If you want to know more about bird feeders and bird feeding, then read on...

First of all, a bird feeder provides your garden or space with functionality and decorative elements. Since feeders come in different styles, designs and materials, you can opt for one that is suitable to your home's general theme. To be closer to nature, though, you can opt for the natural-finished wooden bird feeders. If you have no idea how to make your own bird feeder, then it would be great news to say that you can easily buy one now in the design and size you prefer. You can choose to by fro the usual pet shop, home supply store or even from various specialty stores online. Buying online can also provide you with additional benefits as you are given more choices and better prices without having to hop from shop to shop.

Here are some useful bird feeding tips for newbies like you:

1. Choose your location carefully.

You should not place your bird feeders on wide open spaces that are easily seen by bird predators. There should be something (a tree, a bush or even an outdoor ornament) that can allow them to fly to and from your feeder while taking cover from predators. You must also choose your location carefully so you can avoid places with high traffic or much noise and pollution.

2. Choose high quality bird seeds.

If you want your bird feeder to work by attracting the most possible number of birds, then you should choose your bird seeds carefully. For starters, you can always use whole sunflower kernels. Choosing high quality bird food will attract the preferred song birds. As a rule of the thumb, you should always choose the better forms or bird seed as birds tend to go to a bird feeder that offers better meals. So if you want your bird feeders to serve their purpose by attracting a good number o birds, then make sure that you invest in good bird seed.

3. Make water always available on your bird feeders.

Another reason for birds to come back to your bird feeder is when you have sufficient supply of clean water. Also, it is important to use heated water (in the right temperature, please) during the winter season.

4. Practice patience.

You cannot your bird feeders to immediately attract a throng of birds. Like in almost everything, you need patience for this to happen. Depending on the area or the general location, birds can go to your bird feeder in a matter of days, weeks or even months after set up. You have to remember that birds also need familiarization with a new feeder as they are creatures of habit.

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The best pet supply prices can usually be found online, but shipping costs often cancel out the savings. To level the playing field, recently started offering free UPS ground shipping to the lower 48 states on all orders over $50. Orders of less than $50 ship via USPS ground for a flat shipping rate of $9.99.

"We're pleased to now be able to offer our customers free shipping," said Jeff Mann, owner of "Being able to save money on shipping as well as the pet supplies gives even more of a discount to consumers."

Many popular dog supplies can be found at The online retailer carries a variety of popular products, such as Frontline flea and tick treatment and PetSafe dog crates. Hi-tech dog products such as underground fences, wireless fences, bark collars, and PetSafe dog doors can also be found on the website. Waterproof USB pet tags enable you to store all of your pet's information, including medical records, on a device that can be read quickly and easily by any computer. Other dog products range from grooming products such as shampoo, conditioner, and a variety of grooming tools, to dog toys and treats.

This pet super store also sells a variety of discount cat supplies such as cat carriers, feeders, and litter boxes. Consumers can enjoy savings on the popular LitterMaid self-cleaning litter boxes, KittyWalk containment products, and PetSafe wireless cat fences. For training purposes, the Scat Mat teaches cats to stay away from certain areas, such as counters and table tops.

"Our website offers a wide variety of pet supplies, including the most popular brands and products," Mann said. "Our goal is not only to give our customers a good deal on pet supplies and shipping, but also to make our online store as much of a one-stop shop as possible."

For more information or to browse the online retailer's selection of discount pet supplies, please visit .


Based in Geneva, Florida, has been selling discount pet supplies to customers in the United States and Canada since 1993. The exclusively online retailer offers a wide selection of dog and cat supplies, including the top brands and most popular products.

Reno's, Office is populated by domestic electrical engineers, auto cad tech support team personal and they have been trying to grow Spectrum Begonias with marginal success.Now in all of fairness into the Reno office it's situated on the 4th floor facing due west in northern Nevada which happens to be approximately 4400' feet above sea level, in high desert geological bowl, air is thin, dry, hot daily and cold in the dark with zero humidity; really the only humidity in the workplace is big plastic pond the engineers filled up with water, recycling water pump and gold fish; most of tropical plants begonia including leaf plant tropical are generally surrounding the pond for humidity.

Cat houses tend to be fabricated from wood and are available loaded holes for your little kitties to crawl interior and exterior and sleep in. Some cat houses come placed on climbing posts providing a great deal more fun for one's cat. Yes, it isn't used just for dogs anymore. Cat houses give a place your cat can call their particular. Not surprisingly they're naturally territorial beasts. Here might have their own place if you don't take over yours.

As primal hunters, it is usually impossible to completely tame your pet dog many owners witness aggressive behaviour every once in awhile if their feline is contained to the indoors.Folks that dwell in rural areas are definitely more concerned about predators and escape and so are aware of keeping their animals contained in the dark. Many horse owners may keep allow their feline friends to settle the stables, or provide indoor sanctuary.

For a person who has got a more impressive garden, deck, or terrace los angeles cpa designs you could choose. If someday you would like to extend your outdoor cat enclosure which gives your cat companions other room, every single piece of kittywalk outdoor cat enclosure products can adhere to 1 another. This supplies the actual owner the freedom to make the cat's outdoor enclosure to her / his specific desires.

Think that a cat house or possibly a cat bed can be quite a good sleeping option for your furry companion? If yes, very best way to pay for an example may be by punching the Internet, which happens to be just as developing a pet store for your fingers. You can just click through every one of the sleeping options that you'll want with regards to your pet in just minutes. Plus, it might be the best way to seek out other suggestions for one's cat too like cat supplies, food, toys, along with cat furniture like kitty gyms, cat trees, steps, and scratching posts. Once you buy what you need, it's going to shipped to you, whatever is pretty convenient when you lead a fastpaced life and don't have enough drive anywhere.

Earlier, dog grooming was all about dressing your dog in clothes, shampooing her fur and clipping her toenails. But now, thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton who have changed the definition of dog grooming, we have people who would go to any lengths to get their dogs noticed. Spas and designer clothes for dogs are passe, today dog nail polish rules the roost when it comes to dog grooming. For some people, special nail polish for dogs might be a difficult concept to understand, but enthusiastic dog owners are more than happy to get their pooch's toenail painted in colors of their choice.


Nail polish for dogs is available in almost every dazzling color imaginable. The color palette is greatly dependent upon the manufacturing company. Yet, there are at least 10 colors, that are equally popular. These include, white, purple, fuchsia, lime green, jet black, electric blue, shades of red and several other shades in shimmer. The myriad range of colors for dog nail polish allow you to paint your doggie's nails in the color of your (or perhaps your doggie's) choice. Clear shimmer colors are also available which can give your dog's toenails a sparkling shine.


While we are on the discussion about nail polish for dogs, some of you might have considered the possibility of using human nail polish on dogs. However, using your nail polish to paint your dog's nails is indeed a bad idea. Why? Because of the harmful ingredients contained in human nail polish. Human nail polish often comprises toxic chemicals, which can be detrimental to your dog's health, if she ends up chewing her toenails. Also, it can be harmful for your kids' health, if they come in contact with the nail polish. Moreover, the toxic fumes erupting from your nail polish can make your dog sick. Hence, human nail polish must be avoided under all circumstances.

On the other hand, dog nail varnish contains natural ingredients which are not toxic. Ingredients such as aloe, seaweed, and green tea extracts are an integral part of nail polish for dogs. Often, these ingredients are combined with vitamin E to make your dog's toenail soft and smooth. The nail polish also contains quick drying agents, which magically dry the nail polish in whatever little time your dog permits you. Thus, commercially available dog nail polish is a completely safe nail polish for your dog.

Application Tips

It is especially important to have your dog in happy and relaxed mood before applying the nail polish. If your dog squirms a lot, have someone distract her with treats. Clean the toenails and trim the fur for smooth application. Apply only one coat of nail polish and allow it to dry by holding your dog steady. Since, the nail polish dries in a minute or so, your task takes considerably less amount of time. The nail polish kit comes with remover and pads which can be used to remove the nail polish when it's time to say goodbye to old shade and acquire a new one. Your dog is bound to love her beautifully painted nails.

Thus, dog nail polish is an innovative way to give a makeover to your dog. The nail polish often survives the hard tests which your dog inflicts upon it by gnawing, scratching and chewing. Thus, you and your dog can admire her pretty paws for quite a long time!

Though there's a big to do concerning high end dog beds for stately dogs and for 'spoiled' dogs, it is equally essential for each and every dog owner to offer comfortable napping beds for some other breeds such as labs. Most of these bigger dogs are usually fond of leaping on to the den couch, causing animal scents plus fur, not to mention claw marks. Consequently, it's a good idea for any dog owner to check into extra large dog beds - something which your senior pet would certainly favor over the expensive couch.</p>

<p style="text-align: center">

Big dog beds need to be more durable than those made for smaller dogs. Larger dogs weigh more, therefore the padding must be able to bear this extra weight. Foam stands out as the suggested materials to get these types of beds. They cost a tad bit more than the standard cushioning stuff, however they would likely last longer. The cover should also be able to tolerate your pet dog's fondness for hauling around items in his mouth. A bigger dog might have extra power in its jaws so make sure that your mat or mattress have a higher tolerance for deterioration.

Huge dog beds tend to be mat-type or a mattress-type. When it is a mat-type bed, it's not necessary to concern yourself with the construction. Simply be sure that the padding and the cover is of good quality. If you want an off-the-floor dog bed, then simply make sure that the structural part is solidly built. Wrought flat iron and hardwood would be the standard options.

Upon visiting any pet supplies website, you'd probably see just how the dimensions of the dog bed is stressed. The thing is, the sleeping routine of your pet varies. Dogs might prefer a position that will trigger minimal discomfort, especially if it's an older, arthritic dog. Young puppies may also want to snuggle up, mainly because it means they feel warmer and more safe and sound. Now there isn't much data pertaining to why a dog likes a certain posture, except that the certain position gives added comfort. Different dogs also want to sleep fully stretched out, and some want their heads to be in an raised position.

There's a chance you're asking yourself what resting routines have to do with the length of a dog bed. If your dog likes snuggling in to a ball, a smaller sized mat will work; however if your pet prefers to stretch, then it will need a oblong and larger resting pad or mattress. A perfect dog bed will allow your dog to maneuver as he chooses.

You don't even require a huge dog to get an extra large dog bed. A larger dog bed would provide adequate playing area for your pet. It could also be a keeping section of sorts for his playthings hence your chances of sticking your hands straight into his gnaw toy while stretching out on the family room couch would probably lessen.

What ever the size of your pet is, it shouldn't be a barrier whatsoever. Large dogs might look challenging, however they need comfort in the same way smaller dogs want. Large dog beds may possibly cost extra cash, but your large dog would love the extra comfort and fun which could only be got from getting their own dog bed.

People are often fascinated by the chitters and hops of innocent-faced little squirrels. These tiny creatures can be attracted by the bulbs and fresh buds in your garden. They can dig out the bulbs and also feed on the emerging buds and flowers. It is very much disheartening to see half-eaten vegetables, bulbs and buds in your garden. Though, there are many commercial products meant for repelling squirrels, they may contain harsh chemicals, which may be fatal for these critters. Most of these chemical products are not environment-friendly too. Hence, it is always better to use natural products or some homemade squirrel repellents.

Cayenne Pepper - Onion Solution

This squirrel repellent can be made with onions, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and water. You have to fill three-fourth of a two-quart saucepan with water and bring it to boil. Now, add two chopped yellow onions and one chopped jalapeno pepper and let the water boil again. Mix one tablespoon each of paprika and cayenne pepper powder and cover the pan with the lid. Allow the mixture to cook over medium heat for about 30 minutes, after which you have to turn off the burner. Once the solution is cool, strain it with a strainer or cheesecloth and fill the solution in a spray bottle. You can spray it over the plants so that the scent will deter squirrels from entering the garden. For added efficiency, you may sprinkle some paprika and cayenne pepper powder over the soil. Make sure to spray the solution every seven days and more often during rains.

Murphy's Oil Soap Repellent

In order to prepare this squirrel repellent, all you need is water, Murphy's oil soap and cayenne pepper powder. Take a gallon of water in a container and stir it well, along with six caps of Murphy's oil soap. Now, you have to take two tablespoons of cayenne pepper powder and mix it with the solution. Stir the solution well and fill it in a spray bottle. This mixture has to be sprayed on the plants in your garden, for repelling squirrels. It is said that this mixture does not cause harm to plants and at the same time repels tiny squirrels.

Hot Pepper Sauce Solution

This recipe requires hot pepper sauce, water and liquid detergent. Empty the contents of a small bottle of hot pepper sauce into a container and mix it with one gallon water and stir well. Now, you have to add a teaspoon of mild liquid detergent to the solution. Your squirrel repellent with hot pepper sauce is ready to be applied on plants.

Tips for Repelling Squirrels

  • Make a solution of epsom salt with a gallon of water for spraying over the plants in the garden.
  • Use some naphthalene (moth) balls to deter squirrels from entering your garden. All you have to do is to scatter some moth balls in your garden (and other places frequented by these critters). But make sure to keep away small kids and pets.
  • Squirrel evictor strobe lights can be used to get rid of these critters. You may also try the electronic squirrel repellent devices.
  • Bird feeders also attract these critters. So, it is very much important to use squirrel-proof bird feeders that are available in different models.
  • Another method is to mix some red pepper powder with the bird food. Try to feed the birds with food that squirrels do not like. Safflower seeds is a good option.
  • You can also repel them from your garden in a more friendly way. This can be achieved by feeding squirrels with sufficient food like sunflower seeds, peanuts, fresh or dried fruits and corn.

The above said are some of the commonly used methods for repelling squirrels. It is always better to resort to homemade squirrel repellents and other natural products, rather than using the commercial ones, which may cause harm to these critters as well as the environment.