Have you purchased a bed for your animal companion yet? If not, you should - dog and Cat beds are one of the best ways to support your companion's restful slumber and their individual needs. Other benefits include:


Like most pets, cats have times when they simply want to lay down and rest... in fact, they spend much of the day doing just that! But if they don't have a spot to call their own, then you could find them making their way to your bed or the furniture.

This problem is easily solved by providing your cat with a place to rest. Cats naturally seek out comfortable areas, and creating a spot that's warm and safe will allow them some stress free rest.

Note that a cat beds (as well as dog beds and all other pet beds) come in several shapes and sizes, allowing you to easily fit them in with your home decor. In fact there are so many stylish options available now you might find they are the highlight of the room and find your friends commenting on them.


Many pets need some kind of support as they rest. Each pet bed is specifically designed to give your companion the support they need... and this is especially true with specialty and orthopedic beds, which can help pets with joint pain, arthritis, or other troubles that may plague their breed.

Cats also tend to prefer igloo type cat beds which allow them to curl up in a cosy environment.


The vast majority of pet beds can be cleaned within your washer and dryer. However, pet beds also serve as a collector of sorts, gathering the hair that your companion is shedding. The advantage in your pet having their own bed is that it will prevent your pet seeking other comfortable resting places like the couch and minimizing the spread of your pets hair - see our article on cleaning pet beds for what to do when the unit gets too dirty.

If you have an igloo type cat bed for your pet be aware the frame may contain 'boning' which may not be machine washable.


Is your house too warm or too cold? If so, you should consider beds with special features like heating or cooling. These pet beds can provide a much-needed break from the weather, especially when you aren't home, and allow you to save money that you'd otherwise need to spend on air conditioning. Remember, pets can't regulate the temperature of their environment, so you need to provide ways for them to remain comfortable when the weather gets too extreme. Most of these beds are available in various sizes to cater for all breeds.


However, the greatest benefit of a pet bed may be the personal satisfaction you'll feel as you see your pet happily snoozing away. Pets are part of our families, and it's only natural to take care of those close to us. Buying the perfect pet bed will give you a special sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Dog Beds Galore isn't just for dogs. Cat beds are also available if you're searching for the right cat bed in Australia.

The much anticipated call from your breeder has arrived. He or she informs you that the brand new puppy has came. Getting a dog crate is among the most significant purchases you may make as being a dog owner. Apart from accelerating the method associated with house-breaking and also a area to rest, any doggie crate provides a safe haven and the security of the den like sense.

One of the actual very first instruction routines an individual will probably embark on as the happy master for a completely new doggy is usually potty training. A new pet crate can certainly minimize this time period in 1 / 2 whenever sized correctly. The actual dog house ought to be big enough meant for your canine to be able to stretch out and about, get up plus flip about, however not necessarily so big that they can easily snuggle up in a single corner whilst leaving three-quarters in the actual crate bare.

Dogs will certainly not defecate where they snooze or even eat and so getting the proper size cage is important with regard to housebreaking. This does not necessarily imply that the brand new puppy should be expected to hold her business for 8 working hours whenever they first arrive home. Good house-breaking consistently requires a period of time since new pups will have to relieve themselves every 1 / 2 hr for the 1st full week or two thus possibly be ready.

Precisely what a puppy cage could do regarding potty training is make certain that they will probably request to go outside the house whenever the actual occasion arrives instead of using his or her cage or even your carpet. Yet again, that is dependent on purchasing the right size cage. Unless of course you will plan to get a new crate whenever the puppy is entirely grown, acquiring any doggy cage that can grow with the puppy can be a fantastic purchase.

Life Stage puppy crates just like the one from Midwest include a moveable section which is actually bundled together with the actual crate which makes it possible for pet owners the versatility of boosting the actual size regarding the inside to support your canines progress. In order to give that den like feel employ a bath towel or little blanket positioned on the divider which means that the actual crate "seems" the proper dimensions for your pet.

For just about all canines and especially little puppies, any cage provides a safe haven. Anxiety felt by compact dogs living within a lively house is actually the fear connected with getting trampled. Vets have stated numerous damaged bones in small dogs is due to unintentionally getting stepped on by a family member. The secure haven designed for your own puppy suggests just that, any puppy cage is in no way to be used for disciplining them severely. The last thing virtually any dog owner ought to do is actually raise his or her voice, force their puppy within the dog house, and additionally shut him or her inside. A time-out place is definitely for human little children not necessarily for your puppy.

Mainly because of the dog crates den like feel they are excellent regarding reducing anxiety whenever travelling. Puppy travel crates can come in a range of designs from tough plastic material to pop-up outdoor living travel dog crates. Going to the hectic Vet office may be a intimidating encounter for any small puppy and keeping them safe and secure within the puppy crate could relieve the stress they experience.

Lastly, a dog crate can keep an individual's pooch out of trouble whenever they are kept home alone. Dependent on your type canines mature with various rates. For some canines maturity happens by the age of 2 even though for other dogs it may be age three. Although a canine ought to spend absolutely no more than an 8 hour stretch secured inside the cage, dog crates give dog owners the actual peace of mind that their canine will certainly not tear up your home or perhaps harm themselves while you are away to work or perhaps running a particular errand.

Once aged as much as necessary an individual can keep the actual cage doorway open so that your canine can easily come as well as go as necessary providing a person the possibility to buy a designer pet crate. These types of crates look like a good quality piece of furniture such as an end table or perhaps nightstand doubling as the pet crate. Some of these are generally wonderful for adding certain fashion to an individual's household whilst furnishing a fabulous comfy dwelling designed for your own canine.

Throughout history, equestrian apparel has been worn by riders in their effort to master these proud beasts. These clothes date back to earlier times, and have continued to evolve to the clothing used by riders today.

The art of horseback riding dates to ancient times, and historians still debate the exact time of when horses were first domesticated. The best estimates say that the first horseback ride by man happened around 4,500 B.C., and horses have been integral in human history ever since. People have used horses for transportation as well as for agriculture.

It was later on that horses were used to draw chariots or mounted as people waged war. They became a situation changer in many of history's important battles, with soldiers wearing heavy armor on mounted horses to combine speed and power.

It was not until the 17th and 18th century that horse-mounted soldiers did away with wearing heavy armor. The use of gunpowder demanded that horse riders be quick and stable, otherwise they would be decimated by gunfire. Riding apparel had to adjust to this change in the landscape of the battlefield as well. Riders had to wear breeches and jodhpurs, giving the rider better balance and a modicum of protection as he rode.

Another important development to equestrian apparel was how it became very form-fitting, cut very close to the person's body. This is because the rider comes into very close contact with the horse, and one's steed may be sensitive to sudden moves by the rider. Clothes that flail or wave as the ride progresses can distract the horse, and might cause the rider to lose control. Loose fabric is also a liability when riding at high speeds, since clothes can easily be snagged by a rider's surroundings.

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The Equestrian Corner has been at the center of stylish and sophisticated for years on end. They offer great prices for horse riding equipment and clothing for men, women and children alike. Browse through their fine products at , or call 1-800-518-0997.

Positive dog training was developed under the principles of Skinner's operant conditioning. While it's not a new technique, it didn't get enough popularity until the nineties.

Former students of Skinner, psychologists Keller and Marian Breland, pioneered commercial applications of operant conditioning when they created Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE) on 1942. ABE was the first company that offered positive training services.

The huge popularity of traditional training prevented ABE to succeed in dog training. So, the Breland's company was forced to look for new niches and ABE got focused on training animals for TV shows and commercials. Keller and Marian also pioneered dolphin training for aquaria and US navy.

Positive reinforcement is the main teaching way of these techniques. Positive reinforcement is not the same as reward, though this is a common misconception.

Positive reinforcement is the process that strengthens a behavior because a pleasant situation occurs as a consequence of that particular behavior. For instance, if you give a food treat to your dog when he lies down, he will tend to lie down more frequently to get that delicious treat. Thus, your dog will be learning to lie down through positive reinforcement.

On the other hand, if your dog lies down and you reward him after 10 seconds, he may not associate the action of lying down with the reward. He may think you gave him the treat because he was looking up, or moving his ears. So, you rewarded your dog but you didn't reinforce the desired behavior.

Some people think that positive trainers never teach to the dog that a particular behavior is unacceptable. This is a common and big misinterpretation. Practitioners of positive training do teach this to dogs, but they don't use punishment or negative reinforcement for that.

Clicker training is the most popular of these techniques in many countries. It is the same technique used by Keller and Marian Breland, and was popularized by the biologist and dolphin trainer Karen Pryor.

The main difference between clicker training and other positive techniques is the use of a clicker in the former. A clicker is just a small device that emits a click-click sound when squeezed. It is used to mark the exact moment in which the dog performed a desired behavior.

The absolute absence of negative reinforcement, punishment and training collars (choke, prong or shock) make of positive dog training a very friendly technique to both dogs and owners. This could be the main advantage of this kind of training.

Other advantages are that positive dog training is easy to understand and fun to carry out. Besides, these techniques are not only focused on obedience exercises. Instead, they are widely used to solve behavioral problems.

Detractors of these techniques claim that dogs trained in a positive way won't be able to respond properly unless they can see (or scent) a food treat. These people also claim that positive trained behaviors are not reliable under variable circumstances.

Although very common, those claims are not true. The efficacy of positive training is demonstrated each day by hundreds of service dogs for disabled people, police dogs, competition dogs and performing dogs.

Even the indoor pet in your family will need to venture outdoors occasionally during times of cold weather. Take precautions and use the tips below to prepare your dog or cat for winter weather.

For always outdoor pets:

Feed your outside pet more food in the winter months. Animals put on extra body fat in the colder months to produce more body heat.

Your pets’ living quarters should be dry, insulated, and as wind proof as possible without restricting access. Wind chill is a deadly enemy. Newspaper or cardboard make a nice layer of extra insulation.

Keep your pets water from freezing. Your pet still needs water in the winter and if their water is frozen, they might try eating snow or worse, find something that looks to be water called anti-freeze which will surely kill them. Search the internet to find a method that works for you. Don’t use metal bowls that their tongues could stick to.

Check on your pet often. If you see ice or snow sticking to them, make adjustments to give them a warmer and dryer living space. Consider installing a pet door on your garage or storage shed. For you outdoor cat owners, honk your horn before starting that vehicle. Cats will find your car’s engine compartment a nice warm place to sleep.

For the pets that go outside on occasion:

Consider purchasing several items of dog clothing for your pet. Clothes for dogs and cats are becoming more and more popular. Pet clothing stores offer dog shirts, dog sweater, and dog coats to help keep your dog warm. If you have a smaller breed, a collection of cute dog clothes including dog hoodies for winter can be a fashionable and practical investment for your priceless pet.

Extreme cold can lead to frostbite, especially on the shorthair breeds. Check them for symptoms often. If any icy build up is present, give your pet a nice warm bath or use a warm damp cloth to remove the ice. Consider outfitting your pet with booties that will keep those precious paws warm and dry.

Don’t allow them to eat snow. I can contain dangerous objects and/or chemicals.

Use pet clothing, like dog coats or dog sweaters:

Consider purchasing a couple of dog sweaters or dog coats for your pet this winter. Pet clothing is not just for playing dress up with your pet. Dog clothes will help your pet maintain body heat. The large variety of cute dog clothes offered by most pet clothing stores usually include dog shirts, dog or cat bandanas, and designer dog collars, dog leashes, and harnesses. The styles of dog clothes are becoming more trendy and casual. Cute dog clothes with cool screen print and rhinestone designs are becoming more and more popular in the pet clothing industry and with consumers worldwide. Clothes for dogs belonging to the younger generations are also popping up everywhere. With a dual purpose of protecting your pet during cold weather and making them look cute and cool, you really can’t go wrong.

Dogs and cats are actually much tougher than us when it comes to braving the cold, but with very little effort you can make your pet much more comfortable this winter. Use the tips listed above, along with your own, to protect your pet during cold weather. They will love you for it.

Manzanita bird perches and aquarium terrain accents- but why? what makes manzanita wood so ideal for bird and animal habitats?

Having worked with manzanita for over three years now, and having never made a bird perch until recently, I thought about this question in great depth for the first time last week...

and eventually came to the conclusion that it is a variety of factors which makes manzanita branches the prefect medium for bird perch construction.

Let's start with the obvious- manzanita is a type of hardwood, sandblasted or not it is a natural, durable, non-toxic and safe material to use around animals. (My brother's dog steals burls out of our wood pile and chews on them for hours and shes fine, really) Manzanita is the 7th Hardest Wood in the world, earning it the title, "the seventh wood wonder of the world", o.k. I made the title part up, but it is the 7th hardest known hardwood making for a resillient and sturdy platform for your bird to perch upon.

Manzanita has a beautiful red bark and grain, adding natural color to your cage or aquarium Sandblasted Manzanita Branches have a light creamy color interspursed with red streaks of grain. When blasted they often take on a worn or aged appearance. This same quality is what earned manzanita burlwood the slang title "mountain driftwood".

You may or may not be wondering why I haven't mentioned this yet- The shape!, perhaps the most distinct quality of manzanita branches and burls is the strange and wonderful shapes in which they grow. It never ceases to amaze me how a manzanita tree will serve as a mirror or reflection of it's immediate environment, with the branches growing in accordance with the predominent wind direction, or reaching for sunlight or dwarved and curled upon themselves for lack of adequate water or sustinence. Somehow by natures design the branches twist and fork in a smooth and stylized manner graduating from one level of magnitude down to the next.

Let us not forget a big part of every bird owners life- Manzanita Branches are easy to clean! e-a-s-y 2 c-l-e-a-n!!!=) Artisans Manzanita can make the exact sort of perch or stand you are looking for. If your looking for a finished look we can finish your stand with natural waxes or oils.

So as you can see, there are any number of reasons why manzanita bird perches are clearly an excellent option to enhance and decorate your cage.

One of my favorite things to make are the manzanita floor lamps that we started with back in 06' and the same basic principle applies to a standing bird perch tree, - sturdy base, interesting arrangement of branches, and a beautiful finish all contribute to a one of a kind natural and artistic addition to your pets home or habitat.

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

Horse Gold, makers of hyper-effective equine supplements created by horsemen for horsemen, officially released Gastromax3™ paste, an affordable, once-a-day preventive anti-ulcer supplement for horses. Gastromax3™ paste is formulated to prevent debilitating ulcers using omeprazole, a protein pump inhibitor that blocks the production of acid, plus supplemental ingredients that magnify its preventive effects.

Between 70 percent and 94 percent of thoroughbred horses have gastric ulcerations, sometimes with side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, salivation, bruxism, poor coat quality, poor performance and decreased consumption of concentrates. Ulcers are a problem to a similar extent in sport horses. Gastromax3 paste provides an unprecedented prevention option for equine gastric ulcers to help horse owners deal with this ever-present challenge.

"Horse owners constantly battle ulcers in their animals, and we wanted to create a product that would stop ulcers before they cause pain and disrupt a horse's performance," said Dr. Scott Mangini of Horse Gold. "The feedback has been phenomenal. We are looking forward to working with trainers and horse owners everywhere to take on the challenge of equine ulcers."

Along with omeprazole, Gastromax3 contains the following two active ingredients:

Sodium acid carbonate: This gastric antacid neutralizes stomach acid to create a more favorable environment for the omeprazole, so more of the supplement can be absorbed into the small intestine to prevent equine ulcers.

L-glutamine: This ingredient stimulates the synthesis of certain mucoproteins. By increasing mucin, l-glutamine helps heal gastric ulceration, decrease inflammation, and increase early immune response, which helps minimize further damage.

Affordable, Convenient Equine Supplement

According to Dr. Mangini, Gastromax3 is the only product on the market that combines other ingredients to supercharge the preventive action of omeprazole. However, Gastromax3 costs as little as half the price of similar products. Because omeprazole reduces stomach secretions for a prolonged period, it's necessary to administer only one dose a day--much more convenient for owners and less annoying for horses. The gastric supplement is administered by oral dose syringe.

"The higher performance and lower price of Gastromax3 paste are a result of our dedication to fellow horsemen and horsewoman. We refused to stop working until we created an outstanding product," said Dr. Mangini."It's a win-win for everybody, including the horse. Preventing equine gastric ulcers is one of the best things you can do to improve the health and performance of your racehorse or pet."


In 2010, Horse Gold was launched by a group of expert horsemen, including a professional equine pharmacologist, to provide more affordable, more effective supplements for standardbred and thoroughbred trainers and horse owners. Horse Gold's priorities are the horse's health and the customer's satisfaction. Horse Gold products are available through local tack shops and distributors, including Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supplies, Pacesetter Tack and Supply, Horsemen's Tack Shoppe, Perry's Tack Shop, Hot to Trot Tack, Winners Circle Horse Supply, A Bit Above Tack, and Delaware Park Tack. To learn more about Horse Gold -- by horsemen for horsemen -- visit HorseGold.com.

New Glarus, Wisc. (PRWEB) December 24, 2008

Announcing a new dynamic web site that makes products available for the first time to the public.

Most of the saddles, tack, harnesses and horse supplies sold in the US are actually made in India or Pakistan. As Americans in these tough financial times, more than ever before, support of American made products is essential. When Horse Tack and Supplies did the research they discovered the surprising reality, that very little of the horse tack purchased in this country is made here. They found a need to give consumers a choice to buy American. They needed to find a manufacturer of quality saddles and tack made with craftsmanship and fine materials right here in the US.

After months of research, Horse Tack and Supplies was able to locate one manufacture and is making their products available with the launch of this web site. A people that trace their heritage back hundreds of years, and yet, despite all the time that has passed and the many changes that have taken place in society, they still live and work much as their forefathers did. The Amish have long preferred farming as a way of life. To this day they do not permit the use of tractors in their fields, they still drive a team of horses tacked up in their self-made harnesses, being used daily for farming or transportation. They are commonly seen in many areas of our country, driving their horses and buggies on the local roadways. Read Horse Tack and Supplies Blog to learn more about the Amish way of life http://www.horsetack-supplies.com/blog.php

The horse tack, saddles and supplies available on this new web site at http://www.horsetack-supplies.com are truly Amish made. They are made to order and are customizable to the customers specifications. All tack and saddles contain the superb workmanship one would expect from a society that constructs them for a living and a lifestyle. All shipping is free in the US, no additional fees apply, the price you see is the price you pay.

Western or endurance saddles are made with skirt and glove leather. Pick the size tree that properly fits your horse and a seat that properly fits the rider (Horse Tack and Supplies will help sizing). The saddle skirt can be square or round depending on the back of the horse. The saddle shown has no skirt and is used for endurance or for gaited horses. Pick your color and tooling and add as much silver as wanted in all the right places. Horse Tack and Supplies also offers this saddle with a matching tack set that includes breast collar, reins and headstall. For more detailed information go to: http://tinyurl.com/3pozxp

Horse Tack and Supplies offers horse drawn vehicles that are two wheeled carts for all sizes including Llamas and Donkeys with harnesses for all sizes as well. All are made in the USA and shipping is free! Find details about all carts at: http://tinyurl.com/4bpawd

Special products found nowhere else, such as reflective anklets and reflective horse halters are great for finding a horse in the dark and keeping safe on the roads. Many joggers use them around their legs and arms and are also useful on dogs as a highly visible collar. The reflective material is amazing coupled with the quality of construction. Find more information at: http://tinyurl.com/3st8p2

Horse Tack and Supplies is an online store that has blossomed from the passion of horses and a desire to help people to enjoy their horse more through knowledge. Visit the library of articles at http://www.horsetack-supplies.com/horsearticles.php, More articles will soon be added along with more products so check back often. Any questions, please contact Horse Tack and Supplies by going to the direct contact available through the web site or use the email to the right. Mention this Press Release and receive 10% off your next order.

Horse Tack and Supplies wishes all our customers a gentle ride and may all trails lead to happiness.

There is practically no limit where horse lovers can go on vacation these days. What was once limited to the grassy knolls of Ireland, stony estates in England, and wine tasting excursions in California's Napa Valley has now expanded around the globe to include locations such as Patagonia, the Great Wall of China, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, and pretty much any other place riders could think to go. There are equestrian vacations geared toward beginners, professionals, and everything in between. An equestrian vacation can be a cattle drive at a dude ranch, classical dressage training, casual trails, or an extreme sports experience in the mountains of Costa Rica!

Preparing for an equestrian vacation takes careful consideration of the duration of the trip, the expected weather, and the terrain to be covered. Like all trips, there are some basic supplies and apparel that simply have to be brought, but this is not the sort of trip in which an extra suitcase or two can be handled or even allowed. Packing as lightly as possible while ensuring you bring everything you need is much easier with a checklist and some prior planning.

Your Horse Or Theirs?

One major factor is planning this holiday experience is to decide whether or not to use their mount or your own. Bringing your four-legged friend requires extra transportation, planning, and expense. It also means that the two of you will have shared experiences unlike any other. Of course, clinics and training sessions generally require that riders bring their own mount and horse riding equipment, whereas most dude ranches forbid the use of anything but their own animals.

Basic Horse Riding Equipment

Most equestrian travel companies provide a list of required and recommended horse riding equipment that should be brought. The most basic items that riders must bring include one or two halters, lead lines, saddle pads, a saddle, a bridle, a stable blanket and/or sheet, and a cooler. Trailering supplies will also be needed. Obviously, this is not the time or place for horse riding equipment that is worn, shabby, or likely to break. Riders should invest in whatever replacement pieces they need prior to packing for an equestrian vacation.

A sturdy blanket or cooler will help your mount recover from their strenuous day more easily each evening, and a nice lightweight fly sheet can help keep biting insects away. With all of the hours in the saddle each day, the saddle pad must be of the highest quality. Most riders prefer a saddle pad with extra foam and moisture-wicking properties or one with built-in pockets.

Packing For People

Packing lightly for an equestrian vacation means sticking to the basics for people as well as animals. Most of the gear must be carried by the rider or packed in a suitcase, depending upon the type of vacation that has been selected. Most companies provide lodging and food, but some require that riders bring their own sleeping bag.

Riders need to make room for clothing other than their equestrian apparel as well as rain gear, a camera, sunglasses, bug spray, basic toiletries, a towel, a washcloth, and sunscreen. Sealable plastic bags, wet wipes, and extra batteries for the camera are good to bring. A passport bag or money belt is an excellent way to carry valuables close to your body and separate from luggage.

Equestrian Apparel

Packing all of your riding apparel takes some planning. Many quality brands have stylish new travel bags for luggage as well as horse riding equipment, making identifying your property at baggage claim all that much easier as well as making you stand out in a crowd. Riders need to bring an ASTM/SEI-approved helmet, gloves, and paddock boots. Plenty of thick socks are a good idea, and comfortable breeches or jodhpurs are mandatory.

Breeches with a low-rise waist made with stretchy fabric are the best choice. A lightweight jacket that can adapt to changing conditions is extremely helpful. Make sure you choose one with the features you'll need, such as an outer shell, a removable inner fleece, and a hood that can be concealed or removed.

Taking the time to select the bare minimum of riding apparel and horse riding equipment for an equestrian riding vacation will free up your time and your hands to enjoy an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life as being a truly magical experience, and one that you will want to repeat again and again!