Similar to our patented Thermo-Perch that helps protect your exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts, our Sand Thermo-Perch takes safety and comfort one step further. We permanently sand the original Thermo-Perch...

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Innovative Wooden Cage Table Top The A and E Cage Java Wood Java Table Top is designed from a single piece of coffee wood. The tree stand looks natural with its unique twists and turns. It's a great way to decorate the habitat of your beloved...

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Acrobird play gyms are safe, durable, highest quality and reasonably priced recreation centers for small and medium parrots. When kept as pets parrots need time outside of their cage to play, to exercise and to interact with their human...

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Easy to assemble Large Size: Large Size: 30" x 17.5" x 38.5" H Large Wrought iron construction, Safe Non-toxic powder coated finish, Large Size: 30" x 17.5" x 38.5" H2 Stainless Steel Bowls With Wood PerchFour screw-in casters for easy...

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Real manzanita branch offers your bird the natural shapes and contours that exercise his legs and feet. Securely attaches to cage with bolt and wing nut. Real manzanita branch that serves as a s great bird perchNatural manzanita branch that...

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Tough manzanita wood makes the best perch your bird could ever have. The hard irregular surface exercises feet, and manzanita stands up to more chewing than softer woods. Mounting hardware included. Approximately 1"...

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Polly's Full Length Hardwood Perch attaches at both ends for a sturdy mount. This perch is approximately 30 inches long and designed for the large bird breed. Made in the USA. Natural hardwood perch with attachments at both endsDragon wood is...

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Your bird will love the shapes, bright colors and feel of the Booda Comfy Perch. it is bird breeder recommended to provide the different perching surfaces and levels birds need in their environment along with color enrichment. It helps relieve...

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A design of nature and of skilled craftmenship. The space between the branches help provide freedom for you bird to flap their wings. There is also more room to explore. The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan. Technical...

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