This birdwatcher gift t-shirt makes a great present for any passionate ornithologist. Get ready to be the coolest bird watcher (is that a thing?) in the forest with this funny bird watching t-shirt! it's time to go birdwatching in this funny bird...

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The Harris Catch & Release Humane Trap is made for Rats, Chipmunks, and Small Squirrels. The humane trap won't harm animals and is made with thick steel to ensure that animals will remain trapped until you release them. Medium Sized Dimensions -...

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IntroductionThis incubator is made for all sorts of eggs, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs, etc. It easily accommodates up to 48 eggs. The LED screen provides information about temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg...

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Suitable for large birds ranging from macaws to cockatoos. When you choose the cage for your bird, please keep the size of your bird in mind. It is always better to buy the largest cage you possibly can for your bird. Keeping a bird in a cage...

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These are wired artificial Manzanita Trees that are 38.5in tall. The center stem is 1" thick. (1) Richland Artificial Manzanita Tree Branches Brown 38.5The center stem is 1" thick.Perfect for Home, Weddings, Churches, Restaurants, and...

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Little Live Pets Secret Songbirds are the cool pet friends that move, feel and sound so REAL! They have flown back to say hello and now they can keep your secret. • There are 8 Secret Songbirds to collect! Insert the key and tell them your...

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Medium Multi-Branch ? 22? x 1.6? Natural Java WoodHas multiple branches for perchingMetal attachment that connects to any cage. Check out the eBay Auctions ...

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Frey Scientific Hova-Bator Thermal Incubator measuring 18 in x 18 in x 17-1/2 in has square design and maintains constant temperature, humidity. 25 W Incubator has a capacity of 42 chicken eggs that contains two large windows for thorough...

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Features include: 1. Powdered coated finish 2. Large swing out door 3. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cups 4. Easy access feeder doors 5. Perches 6. Slide out bottom grate & trays (Top & Bottom) 7. Side seed catcher 8. Heavy duty...

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