Box Contains 1x Spiral Rope Perch Commodity Description: help the birds to increase exercise, strengthen muscle, play diverse. Product Dimensions : Length: Approx. 132 cm / 52 inch, Diameter: Approx. 1.3 cm / 0.5 inch Note: Since the size...

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Model 4630DT for Dome Top cages Fits "DOME TOP" cages with a WIDTH of 44" thru 46" and a DEPTH of 28" thru 30" LENGTH from top to bottom of the cover is 66" CozzzyCovers cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting sleep and...

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Specification: Two rows of king-sized LCD display Indoor outdoor Thermometer with hygrometer Max-Min Temperature & Humidity Memory Function Temperature Range: Indoor: -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F) Accuracy: ±1°C Humidity...

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100% brand new and high quality Easy to remove and re-use They can be opened wider Use for identifying similar looking birds with easy Use them to keep different breeds apart, mark suspected cockerels, separating hatches The rings split in half on...

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Feed your fid's sweet tooth the smart way! This premium mix includes FruitBlend Flavor Smart Pellets, fruits, vegetables and nuts especially selected to excite the taste buds of large birds. From dried bananas and pistachios to carrots and dried...

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ZuPreem Fruit Blend Medium Parrot Food From ZuPreem, the most popular pellet food brand in the U.S., FruitBlend Flavor Premium Bird Food provides hook bills and softbills with 21 essential vitamins and minerals. And birds are crazy about the...

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Product description: Spoil your birds with this spacious designed birdcage. As a bird lover, you need to keep them safely all the time. Choose this brand new cage from us, it provides the ample room to move around and spread wings; you can fit in...

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Ware Manufacturing's easy to assemble chew proof critter cage measures 25 inches and has a durable all metal design. The powder coated wire cage attaches easily to the metal drop pan, making it easy to assemble and easy to clean. Each wire has...

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Noted authorities and aviary operators Rick Jordan and Jean Pattison examine the many facets of the aviculture of these widely kept birds including: speciation; breeding behaviour; basic husbandry; suitability as companion birds; record keeping;...

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