Alex & Me is the remarkable true story of an extraordinary relationship between psychologist Irene M. Pepperberg and Alex, an African Grey parrot who proved scientists and accepted wisdom wrong by demonstrating an astonishing ability to...

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Large bolt-on bottlebrush cage perch for Large Parrots. Made in America from Bottlebrush, a native Florida wood. Bottlebrush has thick, lush bark that won't hurt your bird's feet. It is great for chewing and gnawing, which will keep your parrot's...

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The Little Live Pets Bird Cage gives your pet bird it's very own home to sit and swing in! Your new bird will respond to your touch, sing, chirp and tweet just for you! It even records and plays back what you say! The more you play with your bird...

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HQ Hexagonal Aviary is a multi-purpose bird cage. Great for smaller birds like Parakeets, Canaries, Finches, Lovebirds and Cockatiels. 3/8" bar spacing. Comes with 2 trough feeders and Solid Roof. Multi-purpose bird cage2 Trough FeedersSolid Roof...

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We have a brand new in box Large Bird Cage. With its 1 inch spacing, our bird cage is designed for medium to large birds. Bird cage features a cage top playpen, heavy duty push button door lock, rounded corner seed card, slide-out top/bottom...

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Dr. Harvey's Incredible Canary Food is the perfect blend of nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs and bee pollen. This mix provides optimal nutrition for all canaries. As with all of Dr. Harvey's Avian Blends, this blend is made with only...

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White 2 Replacement Seed Plastic Trays for 30"x18"x18" Bird CageColor: White Check out the eBay Auctions ...

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The Vision Large Bird Cage #L01 is a suitable cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches. It provides your bird with lots of room to move around and Vision makes it easy for you to take care of your bird. Bird movements cause air currents,...

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-Easy to remove and re-use -Use them to keep different breeds apart, mark suspected cockerels, seperating hatches -Material: Plastic -Inner diameter: 10.5 mm -Outer diameter: 12.5 mm -Type: Clip on -Height: 8mm -Note: For the diameter limit, it...

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