A design of nature and of skilled craftmenship. Comes with a toy attached to the branch. Has multiple branches for perching. A design of nature and of skilled craftmenshipComes with a toy attached to the BranchHas multiple branches for...

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Specification: Material: Wood + Steel Rim Color: Colorful Model : 12 Steps Ladder Wide: 10 cm / 3.94" (Approx.) Thick:1.5 cm / 0.59" (Approx.) Distance between each other:5 cm / 1.97" (Approx.) Total length: 8 steps:470mm/18.5in 10 steps:...

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Birds are happiest when they can flap and flutter freely within their living quarters. TRIXIE's Aviary bird house is ideal for parakeets, finches and other small birds. With a weatherproof finish, it can be used both indoors and out. Solid wood...

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The bird will often take the tank when the bathtub, even the potty, change the water every day to be dirty. The birds drinking dirty water easily, and even death. The automatic water drinking device not only solves the water easily to be dirty,...

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The first published investigation into whether US prisoners of war were left behind in Southeast Asia after the Vietnam...

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This cage can be stackable, perfect for bird breeder and housing multiple "families" birds. Each cage has a removeable center dividor panel, it can be made to one larger bird cage or two separate cages. Features: Stackable design, stack...

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This brand new parrot cage is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Made from durable iron wire and PP in exquisite workmanship, it has 6 PP universal wheels for smooth and easy movement. With canopy and net at top, it prevents birds from...

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This cage Good for Parakeets, Canaries, Finches,Parakeets, Loverbirds And Other Small Birds. Safe Epoxy Coated Finish; Color: WhiteCage Only Size: 18" Length x 14" Depth x 35" Height ; Bar Spacing: 3/8"One Large Swing Out Door and Two Small Lift...

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New ROUND BIRD CAGE WITH STAND THIS CAGE IS GOOD FOR SMALL BIRDS FROM FINCH TO COCKATIEL SIZE BIRDS. From the picture, the base is solid black color. The top hood is white.Cage only dimension: 16" Diameter x 28"H; 3/8" wire spacing, Black epoxy...

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