Our wire small bird cage perfect for any occasion from wedding to baby showers. It  is excellent  to add mints and almonds as a favor box.  Measurement: 2" diameter                        3" height Sold in set of 10...

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Prevue Pet Products T3 Antimicrobial Cage Liner 18030 provides an extra level of cleanliness. For a healthier cage and more sanitary clean-up, Prevue's liner has an all-natural antimicrobial protection layer. Available in multiple sizes, allowing...

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HQ Medium Amazons Bird Cage is made with an innovative design and great functionality. The bird cage can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes. A slide out tray and grate make cleaning hassle free. The cage also has a rounded top, which provides...

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Total length:35cm/13.8";spoons are 4 - 5 inches in length. The toy is made up of acrylic rings and multiple stainless spoons,it is very durable. All birds like to make noise,this spoon add fun to cages,easy install in the cages. Your medium-sized...

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Product Overview Add an authentic industrial looking to any pendant or bare bulb lamp with these heavy duty lamp cages. Mimicking the style of portable trouble lights of the industrial age, they are all metal construction, coated in a black...

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African Grey Parrots are exceptional birds. They are intelligent, curious and emotional. They create great bonds with their owners and they generally want to please their owner. They are able to learn words, to understand words and to learn...

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Features: Detachable stand, use alone or with stand Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back Slide out plastic tray and bottome grill large front access doosr, door in door design Bottom storage shelf 2x feeder cups with lift up doors 2...

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Poop-Off Anywhere Bird Poop Remover Wet Wipes, Set of 70 Removes droppings from all types of avian diets including Seed fruit nuts meat vegetables nectar bugs grains formulated diet and greensRemoves even the toughest stains from clothing...

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Size-S : Approx. 9CM/3.54"Size-M : Approx. 10CM/3.93"Size-L : Approx. 11CM/4.33"Size-XL : Approx. 12CM/4.73" Suitable for macaw African greys budgies and other similar bird ,also for ferrets, rat, hamster, chinchillas , guinea pig and other small...

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