Feature: • Bar Spacing: 5/8" • Overall Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 31" W x 29"D x 63"H (Dimensions Include Seed Skirt & Open Play Top) • Overall Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 22"D x 63"H (Dimensions NOT Include Seed Skirt) • 4...

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Each to Setup!! Roomy, playtop-style large bird cage offers both incredible space and hours of playtime activities for your birdOverall Dimensions: 43"W x 35"D x 68"H (Including Seed Skirts & Play Top) ; Overall Dimensions: 36"W x 28"D x 68"H...

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Total length:20cm/7.87" The toy is made up of plastic and hand made string bells,it is very durable. All birds like to make noise,this bell add fun to cages. Perfect for parrot,parakeet,cockatiel,lovebird,budgie,african grey cockatoo,amazon...

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Model 1648 Size: 48 L x 30 W x 33 H", Mesh: 1 1/2 x 6", Wire Gauge: 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, Weight: 48 lbs. Secure Slide Bolt LatchABS Plastic Pan Includes Carrying HandleIncludes A Free Divider PanelCuts Housebreaking Time in Half by Offering two...

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This cage cup securely bolts to any wire cage to hold water or food. Removes easily with a twist of the wingnut. Easy to clean and extremely durable. Made of 14/4 stainless steel (14-percent chrome/4-percent nickel). Available in 11 Oz. ...

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Sizes: 14"x14"x47", 11"x11"x23", Made in China, Made of metal Benzara Victorian Style Bird Cage with Wrought Iron11" x 11" x...

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This side panel attach to the outside of X-tall modular cages to create a privacy barrier between connected cages. Secure easily with screws used to assemble cage. These X-tall panel is designed to fit X-tall modular cages. To attach side panels...

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Model 4630DT for Dome Top cages Fits "DOME TOP" cages with a WIDTH of 44" thru 46" and a DEPTH of 28" thru 30" LENGTH from top to bottom of the cover is 66" CozzzyCovers cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting sleep and...

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Product description: Spoil your birds with this spacious designed birdcage. As a bird lover, you need to keep them safely all the time. Choose this brand new cage from us, it provides the ample room to move around and spread wings; you can fit in...

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