AMEIQ 3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer, Seat Back Net Bag, Barrier of Backseat Pet Kids, Cargo Tissue Purse Holder, Driver Storage Netting Pouch. (3 optional styles)

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1. This car organizer is all black, the main material is nylon, except for four metal hooks. Exquisite workmanship and beautiful, it must be perfect integration with your car.

2. Application: as a pet barrier, it can be used to prevent backseat pet (or kids) into the driver's seat, but also you can make a lot of messy items into the mesh bag.

3. Attention:
    A. When opening the product, please do not damage the plastic packing bag, in order to avoid to cause the inconvenience to return/exchange goods ;
    B. Please do not excessively elongate the elastic material of product, it is likely to cause thread breakage and cracks.

4. Three ways of using the product (see the picture above):
    A. Forward mounted between the front two seats;
    B. Reverse mounted between the front two seats;
    C. Mounted on the front seat back.

5. Quality guarantee period is 2 years

  • ◆ THIS MESH BAG HAS FOUR METAL HOOKS: the upper 2 are aluminum alloy, and the below 2 are nickel plated steel.
  • ◆ THIS PET BARRIER'S SIZE IS LARGE ENOUGH: height: 12.0'', width: 11.6'' (generally only 10.2'' or less), can completely cover the gap between the front two seats, and put more things in.
  • ◆ MESH MATERIAL OF THIS CAR ORGANIZER IS ESPECIALLY STRONG: high quality nylon, Inelastic, the net bed made of it can lay 6 adults.
  • ◆ INSTALLATION IS EXTREMELY CONVENIENT: on top, just buckle on the headrest column; below, hook on the hard edge of any object under the seat.
  • ◆ THE ABOVE TWO STRAPS ARE ADJUSTABLE IN LENGTH AND THE NYLON MATERIAL HAVE NO ELASTICITY: it can be suitable for different models of cars, and prevents the whole sag due to too heavy things in the mesh bag