Adjustable Submersible Aquarium Heater with Controlled Digital LED Temperature Display and Floating Thermometer, Auto Built-in Thermostat Protective Sleeve (300W)

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Glass tube : 2.8cm
Voltage: 100-120V
Cable Length: 160cm
Frequency: 60HZ
Adjustable temperature: 68°F~93°F (20°C~34°C)
Package Content: 1 x Quartz Glass Submersible Heater

Quartz class anti-explosion submersible aquarium heater
Equipped with two suction cups aside
With rotatable temperature control knob on the top
Auto shut off under out-of-water and water shortage conditions Made of anti-explosion quartz glass with heat-resistant plastic sheathing and IP68 double sealing.

Please confirm the heater is in good condition before using and submerse the heater completely. It is not allowed to use if the glass part of the heater is cracked or other parts are spoiled.
If your aquarium temperature is beyond the recommended range for your fish, DO NOT try to adjust the water temperature too quickly. Sudden changes in temperature are very harmful to fish and can even lead to death. Gradually add warm or cold water depending on the change you need and your fishes will be happy and healthy.

Finding the Right Temperature:
Tropical Fish: 24 to 27 ℃ with most fish happy at 25 ℃
Goldfish: 20 to 22 ℃
Betta Fish: 23 to 27 ℃ with most bettas happy at 25 ℃
Blind Cave Fish: 20 to 25 ℃
Saltwater Fish: 24 to 27 ℃ with higher temperatures better for aquariums containing coral
Tetra Fish: 24 to 26 ℃
Coral: ~27  ℃

  • 14.4 inch length for 300W version,Safety Protection: It will automatically turn off as the heater take out from water.
  • Explosion-proof,Shatterproof Design: High quality Quartz Glass material and its Protective Sleeve, aquarium heater is shatter resistant & more durable than conventional glass heaters.
  • Outside and Inside Temperature Control: The heater has two adjustable switch,Can be free to control the temperature.
  • LED Digital Display: Digital LED water temperature display,no need thermometer any more.
  • Great for both Fresh Water and Marine Water aquariums, aquaculture, terrariums & hydroponic systems.